7 Seeds
7 Seeds

7 Seeds


Last Update: Aug 02,2019

Tag: Adventure Horror Mystery Drama Psychological Sci-fi
Author:TAMURA Yumi

Scientists had predicted this disaster, and in response, the leaders of every country met to develop a plan for human survival before the meteor hit. The Seven Seeds project was developed out of this ...more

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Vol (179) Order
Vol.28 Ch.178 Vol.28 Ch.177 Vol.28 Ch.176 Vol.28 Ch.175 Vol.28 Ch.174 Vol.28 Ch.173 Vol.28 Ch.172 Vol.28 Ch.171 Vol.28 Ch.170 Vol.28 Ch.169 Vol.28 Ch.168 Vol.28 Ch.167 Vol.28 Ch.166 Vol.28 Ch.165 Vol.28 Ch.164 Vol.28 Ch.163 Vol.28 Ch.162 Vol.28 Ch.161 Vol.28 Ch.160 Vol.28 Ch.159 Vol.28 Ch.158 Vol.28 Ch.157 Vol.28 Ch.156 Vol.28 Ch.155 Vol.28 Ch.154 Vol.28 Ch.153 Vol.28 Ch.152 Vol.28 Ch.151 - [Impression] Vol.28 Ch.150 Vol.28 Ch.149 - Afterglow Vol.28 Ch.148 Vol.28 Ch.147 Vol.28 Ch.146 - Mountains Chapter 11 [Regeneration] Vol.28 Ch.145 Vol.28 Ch.144 Vol.19 Ch.143 Vol.19 Ch.142 Vol.19 Ch.141 Vol.18 Ch.140 - Mountains Chapter 5 [-Individual Cases-] Vol.18 Ch.139 Vol.18 Ch.138 Vol.18 Ch.137 - Mountains Chapter 2 [Contact] Vol.18 Ch.136 Vol.18 Ch.135 Vol.18 Ch.134 Vol.18 Ch.133 Vol.18 Ch.132 Vol.18 Ch.131 Vol.18 Ch.130 Vol.18 Ch.129 Vol.18 Ch.128 Vol.18 Ch.127 Vol.18 Ch.126 Vol.18 Ch.125 Vol.18 Ch.124 - [Entrance] Vol.18 Ch.123 Vol.18 Ch.122 - Guidance Vol.18 Ch.121 - Awakening Insects Chapter 12 [Aftereffect] Vol.18 Ch.120 - Awakening Insects Chapter 11 [Counterbalance] Vol.18 Ch.119 - Awakening Insects Chapter 10 [Backflow] Vol.18 Ch.118 - Onrush Vol.18 Ch.117 Vol.18 Ch.116 - Awakening Insects Chapter 7 [Progress] Vol.18 Ch.115 - Warning Vol.18 Ch.114 - Awakening Insects Chapter 5 [Omen] Vol.18 Ch.113 - Awakening Insects Chapter 4 [Feast] Vol.18 Ch.112 - Awakening Insects Chapter 3 [Victual] Vol.18 Ch.111.5 - Fanbook Side Story [Memories - The Summer of Many] Vol.18 Ch.111 Vol.18 Ch.110 Vol.18 Ch.109 Vol.18 Ch.108 Vol.18 Ch.107 Vol.18 Ch.106 - Youngsters Vol.18 Ch.105 - Minor Heat Chapter 20 [Do As You Please] Vol.18 Ch.104 - Minor Heat Chapter 19 [Sailor's Song] Vol.18 Ch.103 Vol.18 Ch.102 - Give Me Wings Vol.18 Ch.101 - Minor Heat Chapter 16 [Sprout] Vol.18 Ch.100 - Minor Heat 15 [Love and Pain and Reassurance] Vol.18 Ch.099 - Minor Heat Chapter 14 [The Time of Rainbow and Sneakers] Vol.18 Ch.098 - 365 Step March Vol.18 Ch.097 - The Passage of Time Vol.18 Ch.096.5 - Fanbook c.Side chapter Vol.18 Ch.096 Vol.18 Ch.095 - Minor Heat Chapter 10 [Doll's House] v2 Vol.18 Ch.094 - Minor Heat Chapter 9 [Broken Radio] Vol.18 Ch.093 - Minor Heat Chapter 8 [Between the Sky and You] Vol.18 Ch.092 - Minor Heat Chapter 7 [Someone in the Wind] Vol.17 Ch.091 Vol.17 Ch.090 - Minor Heat Chapter 5 [A Good Day For Departure] Vol.17 Ch.089 - Minor Heat Chapter 4 [Look Up at the Stars in the Night] Vol.17 Ch.088 Vol.17 Ch.087 - Minor Heat Chapter 2 [Sindbad of the Beach] Vol.16 Ch.086 - Minor Heat Chapter 1 [Strangers] + Extra [Wish] Vol.16 Ch.085 Vol.16 Ch.084 Vol.16 Ch.083 - Summer Solstice Chapter 21 [Lose] Vol.16 Ch.082 Vol.15 Ch.081 Vol.15 Ch.080 - Summer Solstice chapter 18 Love Vol.15 Ch.079 - Summer Solstice chapter 17 Project Vol.15 Ch.078 - Summer Solstice chapter 16 Thirst Vol.15 Ch.077 - Summer Solstice chapter 15 Understand Vol.14 Ch.076 - Summer Solstice chapter 14 Strain Vol.14 Ch.075 - Summer Solstice chapter 13 Fesent Vol.14 Ch.074 - Summer Solstice chapter 12 Know Vol.14 Ch.073 - Summer Solstice chapter 11 Speak Vol.14 Ch.072 - Summer Solstice chapter 10 Fall Vol.14 Ch.071 - Summer Solstice chapter 9 Fly Vol.13 Ch.070 - Summer Solstice chapter 8 Target Vol.13 Ch.069 - Summer Solstice chapter 7 Find Vol.13 Ch.068 - Summer Solstice chapter 6 Inquire Vol.13 Ch.067 - Summer Solstice chapter 5 Pick Up Vol.12 Ch.066 - Summer Solstice chapter 4 Think Vol.12 Ch.065 - Summer Solstice chapter 3 Confuse Vol.12 Ch.064 - Summer Solstice chapter 2 Feel Vol.12 Ch.063 - Summer Solstice chapter 1 Acquire Vol.12 Ch.062 - Ash chapter 12 Gathering Vol.11 Ch.061 - Ash chapter 11 Circulation Vol.11 Ch.060 - Ash chapter 10 Linkage Vol.11 Ch.059 - Ash chapter 9 And then There were None Vol.11 Ch.058 - Ash chapter 8 Wuthering Heights Vol.11 Ch.057 - Ash chapter 7 On the Beach Vol.10 Ch.056 - Ash chapter 6 Christmas Carol Vol.10 Ch.055 - Ash chapter 5 A Gate Difficult to Cross Vol.10 Ch.054 - Ash chapter 4 The Door to Summer Vol.10 Ch.053 - Ash chapter 3 The Forest is Alive Vol.10 Ch.052 - Ash chapter 2 Like Seaweed Vol.09 Ch.051 - Ash chapter 1 That Place Vol.09 Ch.050 - Hail of Corn chapter 15 New World Symphony Going Home Vol.09 Ch.049 - Hail of Corn chapter 14 Pictures at an Exhibition Gnomus Vol.09 Ch.048 - Hail of Corn chapter 13 Gypsy Life Vol.09 Ch.047 - Hail of Corn chapter 12 The Carnival of the Animals Vol.08 Ch.046 - Hail of Corn chapter 11 The Planets Suite- Jupiter Vol.08 Ch.045 - Hail of Corn chapter 10 The Planets Suite- Mars Vol.08 Ch.044 - Hail of Corn chapter 9 A Maiden's Prayer Vol.08 Ch.043 - Hail of Corn chapter 8 Moonlight Sonata Vol.08 Ch.042 - Hail of Corn chapter 7 By the Beautiful Blue Danube Vol.07 Ch.041 - Hail of Corn chapter 6 Ave Maria Vol.07 Ch.040 - Hail of Corn chapter 5 Song of Farewell Vol.07 Ch.039 - Hail of Corn chapter 4 My Fatherland the Moldau Vol.07 Ch.038 - Hail of Corn chapter 3 Humoresque Vol.07 Ch.037 - Hail of Corn chapter 2 Peer Gynt Suite No.1- Morning Mood Vol.07 Ch.036 - Hail of Corn chapter 1 Ride of the Valkyries Vol.06 Ch.035 - Rainwater chapter 10 Vol.06 Ch.034 - Rainwater chapter 9 Vol.06 Ch.033 - Rainwater chapter 8 Vol.06 Ch.032 - Rainwater chapter 7 Vol.06 Ch.031 - Rainwater chapter 6 Vol.06 Ch.030 - Rainwater chapter 5 Vol.06 Ch.029 - Rainwater chapter 4 Vol.06 Ch.028 - Rainwater chapter 3 Vol.06 Ch.027 - Rainwater chapter 2 Vol.06 Ch.026 - Rainwater chapter 1 Vol.05 Ch.025 - Pampas Grass Seeds chapter 6 June and October Vol.05 Ch.023 - Pampas Grass Seeds chapter 4 Milk and Grave Vol.05 Ch.022 - Pampas Grass Seeds chapter 3 Tobacco and Moon Vol.05 Ch.021 - Pampas Grass Seeds chapter 2 Earthworms and Corn Vol.05 Ch.020 - Pampas Grass Seeds chapter 1 Ants and Potatoes Vol.04 Ch.019 - Winter chapter 4 Journey Vol.04 Ch.018 - The Other Side Of The Rainbow Vol.04 Ch.017 - Winter chapter 2 Rain at Night Vol.04 Ch.016 - Winter chapter 1 Howling Vol.04 Ch.015 - East Wind chapter 4 Aim and Object Vol.04 Ch.014 - East Wind chapter 3 Sea of Trees Vol.03 Ch.013 - East Wind chapter 2 Spirit of Sound Vol.03 Ch.012 - East Wind chapter 1 Way Home Vol.03 Ch.011 - Beginning of Summer chapter 2 Castle Vol.03 Ch.010 - Beginning of Summer chapter 1 Arashi Vol.03 Ch.009 - Early Spring chapter 4 Life Vol.02 Ch.008 - Early Spring chapter 3 Stars Vol.02 Ch.007 - Early Spring chapter 2 Water Vol.02 Ch.006 - Early Spring chapter 1 Hana Vol.02 Ch.005 - Island chapter 5 The First Day Vol.01 Ch.004 - Island chapter 4 Tender Beast Vol.01 Ch.003 - Island chapter 3 Quite Step Vol.01 Ch.002 - Island chapter 2 White Sound Vol.01 Ch.001 - Island chapter 1 Slow Awakening
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