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Dragon Ball

Dragon Ball


Last Update: Sep 11,2014

Tag: Action Adventure Comedy Fantasy Martial Arts Supernatural Shounen Sci-fi
Author:TORIYAMA Akira

The genius Bulma, while searching for the Dragon Balls which can grant any wish, meets a simple minded little boy with a strange monkey tail, Son Goku. Together, they meet many people and many foes in...more

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Vol (692) Order
Vol.42 Ch.520 Vol.42 Ch.519 Vol.42 Ch.518 Vol.42 Ch.517 Vol.42 Ch.516 Vol.42 Ch.515 Vol.42 Ch.514 Vol.42 Ch.513 Vol.42 Ch.512 Vol.42 Ch.511 Vol.42 Ch.510 Vol.42 Ch.509 Vol.42 Ch.508 Vol.42 Ch.507 Vol.42 Ch.506 Vol.42 Ch.505 Vol.42 Ch.504 Vol.42 Ch.503 Vol.42 Ch.502 Vol.42 Ch.501 Vol.42 Ch.500 Vol.42 Ch.499 Vol.42 Ch.498 Vol.42 Ch.497 Vol.42 Ch.496 Vol.42 Ch.495 Vol.42 Ch.494 Vol.42 Ch.491 - A Surefire Kamakaze Attack! Vol.42 Ch.490 - Gotenk's Got Loads of Confidence!! Vol.42 Ch.017 Vol.42 Ch.016 Vol.42 Ch.015 Vol.42 Ch.014 Vol.42 Ch.013 Vol.42 Ch.012 Vol.42 Ch.011 Vol.42 Ch.010 Vol.42 Ch.009 Vol.42 Ch.008 Vol.42 Ch.007 Vol.42 Ch.006 Vol.42 Ch.005 Vol.42 Ch.004 Vol.42 Ch.003 Vol.42 Ch.002 Vol.42 Ch.001 Vol.41 Ch.017 Vol.41 Ch.016 Vol.41 Ch.015 Vol.41 Ch.014 Vol.41 Ch.013 Vol.41 Ch.012 Vol.41 Ch.011 Vol.41 Ch.010 Vol.41 Ch.009 Vol.41 Ch.008 Vol.41 Ch.007 Vol.41 Ch.006 Vol.41 Ch.005 Vol.41 Ch.004 Vol.41 Ch.003 Vol.41 Ch.002 Vol.41 Ch.001 Vol.40 Ch.013 Vol.40 Ch.012 Vol.40 Ch.011 Vol.40 Ch.010 Vol.40 Ch.009 Vol.40 Ch.008 Vol.40 Ch.007 Vol.40 Ch.006 Vol.40 Ch.005 Vol.40 Ch.004 Vol.40 Ch.003 Vol.40 Ch.002 Vol.40 Ch.001 Vol.39 Ch.013 Vol.39 Ch.012 Vol.39 Ch.011 Vol.39 Ch.010 Vol.39 Ch.009 Vol.39 Ch.008 Vol.39 Ch.007 Vol.39 Ch.006 Vol.39 Ch.005 Vol.39 Ch.004 Vol.39 Ch.003 Vol.39 Ch.002 Vol.39 Ch.001 Vol.38 Ch.014 Vol.38 Ch.013 Vol.38 Ch.012 Vol.38 Ch.011 Vol.38 Ch.010 Vol.38 Ch.009 Vol.38 Ch.008 Vol.38 Ch.007 Vol.38 Ch.006 Vol.38 Ch.005 Vol.38 Ch.004 Vol.38 Ch.003 Vol.38 Ch.002 Vol.38 Ch.001 Vol.37 Ch.013 Vol.37 Ch.012 Vol.37 Ch.011 Vol.37 Ch.010 Vol.37 Ch.009 Vol.37 Ch.008 Vol.37 Ch.007 Vol.37 Ch.006 Vol.37 Ch.005 Vol.37 Ch.004 Vol.37 Ch.003 Vol.37 Ch.002 Vol.37 Ch.001 Vol.36 Ch.012 Vol.36 Ch.011 Vol.36 Ch.010 Vol.36 Ch.009 Vol.36 Ch.008 Vol.36 Ch.007 Vol.36 Ch.006 Vol.36 Ch.005 Vol.36 Ch.004 Vol.36 Ch.003 Vol.36 Ch.002 Vol.36 Ch.001 Vol.35 Ch.012 Vol.35 Ch.011 Vol.35 Ch.010 Vol.35 Ch.009 Vol.35 Ch.008 Vol.35 Ch.007 Vol.35 Ch.006 Vol.35 Ch.005 Vol.35 Ch.004 Vol.35 Ch.003 Vol.35 Ch.002 Vol.35 Ch.001 Vol.34 Ch.504 - The Fused Fathers are Unrivaled Vol.34 Ch.012 Vol.34 Ch.011 Vol.34 Ch.010 Vol.34 Ch.009 Vol.34 Ch.008 Vol.34 Ch.007 Vol.34 Ch.006 Vol.34 Ch.005 Vol.34 Ch.004 Vol.34 Ch.003 Vol.34 Ch.002 Vol.34 Ch.001 Vol.33 Ch.503.5 Vol.33 Ch.503 - Son Goku's Funal Fusion! Vol.33 Ch.502 - Is This Gonna Work?! The Potara Fusion! Vol.33 Ch.501 - A Savior Appears?! Vol.33 Ch.500 - The Great Reversal Vol.33 Ch.499 - A Trap Vol.33 Ch.498 - Majin Buu's Odd Behavior Vol.33 Ch.497 - Son Gohan's Grand Counterattack!! Vol.33 Ch.496 - An Absolutely Deadly Big-Big-Big Pinch!! Vol.33 Ch.495 - He's so strong!! The Super Fusion Vol.33 Ch.494 - Do Your Best, Super Gotenks-kun Vol.33 Ch.493 - Escape from the Alternate Dimension Vol.33 Ch.492 - Fixed Vol.33 Ch.491 - A Surefire Kamakaze Attack! Vol.33 Ch.490 - Gotenk's Got Loads of Confidence!! Vol.33 Ch.489 - Gotenks' Got Confidence!! Vol.33 Ch.488 - Trunks and Goten Enter the Roon of Spirit and Time Vol.33 Ch.487 - The Extinction of Humanity Vol.32 Ch.486 - The Terrible New Majin Buu Vol.32 Ch.485 - The Two Majin Buus... And Then... Vol.32 Ch.484 - That Which Is Brought Forth By Anger Vol.32 Ch.483 - Majin Buu and Friends Vol.32 Ch.482 - Perfected at Last! Super Fusion!! Vol.32 Ch.481 - The Earth Army's Final Secret Weapon!! Vol.32 Ch.480 - The Fusion Is Completed At Last!! Vol.32 Ch.479 - The Z-Sword And Another Kaioshin Vol.32 Ch.478 - Son Gohan's Whereabouts Vol.32 Ch.477 - Son Goku Heads Back Vol.32 Ch.476 - Son Goku's Remaining Time Vol.32 Ch.475 - Majin Buu Begins to See His True Worth! Vol.32 Ch.474 - The Limit!! Super Saiyan 3 Vol.32 Ch.473 - Son Goku Contacts Majin Buu! Vol.32 Ch.472 - The Z-Sword Vol.32 Ch.471 - A Time of Tribulation Vol.32 Ch.470 - Babidi's Revenge Plan Gets Started!! Vol.31 Ch.469.5 - Extras Vol.31 Ch.469 - A Faint Hope. Vol.31 Ch.468 - The Nightmare Returns. Vol.31 Ch.467 - Farewell, Proud Warrior. Vol.31 Ch.466 - The End of the Man Behind the Curtain. Vol.31 Ch.465 - Majin Buu Gers Angry. Vol.31 Ch.464 - Vegeta's Final Deathmatch. Vol.31 Ch.463 - An Overwhelmingly Power. Vol.31 Ch.462 - Majin Buu's Menace. Vol.31 Ch.461 - This is Majin Buu?! Vol.31 Ch.460 - Majin Buu Appears?! Vol.31 Ch.459 - Countdown. Vol.31 Ch.458 - Two Deadly Battles. Vol.31 Ch.457 - Vegeta's Pride. Vol.31 Ch.456 - The Fated Showdown: Son Goku vs Vegeta!! Vol.31 Ch.455 - An Evil Heart Is Found! Vol.31 Ch.454 - The Winner Is Decided!!! Vol.31 Ch.453 - The Fate of the Finals. Vol.30 Ch.452.5 - Extras Vol.30 Ch.452 - Dabra Takes the Stage!! Vol.30 Ch.451 - The Demon Beast Yakon's Feast Vol.30 Ch.450 - Stage Two's Yakon Vol.30 Ch.449 - The Game Vol.30 Ch.448 - One Must Enter the Triger's Den... Vol.30 Ch.447 - Babidi Knows Vol.30 Ch.446 - The Magi Babidi Vol.30 Ch.445 - A Faresome Mystery Vol.30 Ch.444 - Stolen Energy Vol.30 Ch.443 - The Plan Goes Into Motion Vol.30 Ch.442 - Gohan Gets Angry!! Vol.30 Ch.441 - Videl Is Worn Ragged Vol.30 Ch.440 - Shin's Surprising True Identity Vol.30 Ch.439 - Krillin And Picolo's Fights Vol.30 Ch.438 - The Matchups Are Decided! Vol.30 Ch.437 - A Mysterious Pair Vol.302 Ch.369 Vol.29 Ch.436.5 - Extra. Vol.29 Ch.436 - Mister Satan's Got Some Balls! Vol.29 Ch.435 - The"Boys Division" Winner Is Decided! Vol.29 Ch.434 - Trunks Vs Goten 2 Vol.29 Ch.433 - Trunks Vs Goten Vol.29 Ch.432 - The Two Small Super Warriors Vol.29 Ch.431 - Starting The Preliminaries Vol.29 Ch.430 - The Dragon Team Gathers! Vol.29 Ch.429 - The Tenkaichi Budokai Draws Near Vol.29 Ch.427 - The Special Training Begins!! Vol.29 Ch.426 - The Tenkaichi Budokai Vol.29 Ch.425 - Exposed!! Vol.29 Ch.424 - Videl Emergency Dispatch!! Vol.29 Ch.423 - The Birth of A New Hero!! Vol.29 Ch.422 - Gohan, Very Tired Vol.29 Ch.421 - Satan City's High School Vol.29 Ch.391 Vol.29 Ch.390 Vol.29 Ch.389 Vol.29 Ch.388 Vol.29 Ch.387 Vol.29 Ch.386 Vol.29 Ch.385 Vol.29 Ch.384 Vol.29 Ch.383 Vol.29 Ch.382 Vol.29 Ch.368 Vol.29 Ch.367 Vol.29 Ch.366 Vol.29 Ch.365 Vol.29 Ch.364 Vol.29 Ch.363 Vol.29 Ch.362 Vol.29 Ch.361 Vol.29 Ch.360 Vol.29 Ch.359 Vol.29 Ch.358 Vol.29 Ch.357 Vol.29 Ch.356 Vol.29 Ch.355 Vol.29 Ch.354 Vol.29 Ch.353 Vol.29 Ch.352 Vol.29 Ch.351 Vol.29 Ch.350 Vol.29 Ch.349 Vol.29 Ch.348 Vol.29 Ch.347 Vol.29 Ch.346 Vol.29 Ch.345 Vol.29 Ch.344 Vol.29 Ch.343 Vol.29 Ch.342 Vol.29 Ch.341 Vol.29 Ch.340 Vol.29 Ch.339 Vol.29 Ch.338 Vol.28 Ch.337 Vol.28 Ch.336 Vol.28 Ch.335 Vol.28 Ch.334 Vol.28 Ch.333 Vol.28 Ch.332 Vol.28 Ch.331 Vol.28 Ch.330 Vol.28 Ch.329 Vol.28 Ch.328 Vol.28 Ch.327 Vol.28 Ch.326 Vol.27 Ch.012 Vol.27 Ch.011 Vol.27 Ch.010 Vol.27 Ch.009 Vol.27 Ch.008 Vol.27 Ch.007 Vol.27 Ch.006 Vol.27 Ch.005 Vol.27 Ch.004 Vol.27 Ch.003 Vol.27 Ch.002 Vol.27 Ch.001 Vol.26 Ch.013 Vol.26 Ch.012 Vol.26 Ch.011 Vol.26 Ch.010 Vol.26 Ch.009 Vol.26 Ch.008 Vol.26 Ch.007 Vol.26 Ch.006 Vol.26 Ch.005 Vol.26 Ch.004 Vol.26 Ch.003 Vol.26 Ch.002 Vol.26 Ch.001 Vol.25 Ch.012 Vol.25 Ch.011 Vol.25 Ch.010 Vol.25 Ch.009 Vol.25 Ch.008 Vol.25 Ch.007 Vol.25 Ch.006 Vol.25 Ch.005 Vol.25 Ch.004 Vol.25 Ch.003 Vol.25 Ch.002 Vol.25 Ch.001 Vol.24 Ch.012 Vol.24 Ch.011 Vol.24 Ch.010 Vol.24 Ch.009 Vol.24 Ch.008 Vol.24 Ch.007 Vol.24 Ch.006 Vol.24 Ch.005 Vol.24 Ch.004 Vol.24 Ch.003 Vol.23 Ch.337 Vol.23 Ch.336 Vol.23 Ch.335 Vol.23 Ch.334 Vol.23 Ch.333 Vol.23 Ch.332 Vol.23 Ch.331 Vol.23 Ch.330 Vol.22 Ch.329.5 - Extras Vol.22 Ch.329 - Where Is Goku? Vol.22 Ch.328 - Namek's End Vol.22 Ch.327 - The End of Everything Vol.22 Ch.326 - Son Goku's Choice Vol.22 Ch.325 - Son Goku Quits Vol.22 Ch.324 - The Quiet, Fierce Battle Vol.22 Ch.323 - The Two Wishes Vol.22 Ch.322 - Two Warriors, One Finish Vol.22 Ch.321 - Maximum Desperation Vol.22 Ch.320 - The End of Namek? Vol.22 Ch.319 - The Tables Turn Vol.22 Ch.318 - The Super Saiyan Vol.22 Ch.317 - Life Or Death Vol.22 Ch.316 - The Galaxy Strikes Back Vol.22 Ch.315 - The Last Chance Vol.21 Ch.314.5 - Extras Vol.21 Ch.314 - The Great Genki-Dama Vol.21 Ch.313 - Kaio-Ken Times 20!!! Vol.21 Ch.312 - 50% Maximum Power Vol.21 Ch.311 - Hand to Foot Vol.21 Ch.310 - Aerial Battle Vol.21 Ch.309 - Underwater Battle Vol.21 Ch.308 - The Death of Vegeta Vol.21 Ch.307 - The Ultimate Battle Begins! Vol.21 Ch.306 - Son Goku... Resurrected!! Vol.21 Ch.305 - Will It Be Freeza? Or Vegeta? Vol.21 Ch.304 - The Final Transformation Vol.21 Ch.303 - Vegeta's Ploy Vol.21 Ch.302 - Freeza's Third Form Vol.21 Ch.301 - Freeza vs. Piccolo, Part 2 Vol.21 Ch.300 - Freeza vs. Piccolo Vol.20 Ch.299.5 - Extras Vol.20 Ch.299 Vol.20 Ch.298 Vol.20 Ch.297 Vol.20 Ch.296 Vol.20 Ch.295 Vol.20 Ch.294 Vol.20 Ch.293 Vol.20 Ch.292 Vol.20 Ch.291 Vol.20 Ch.290 Vol.20 Ch.289 Vol.20 Ch.288 Vol.20 Ch.287 Vol.20 Ch.286 Vol.20 Ch.285 Vol.19 Ch.284.5 Vol.19 Ch.284 Vol.19 Ch.283 Vol.19 Ch.282 Vol.19 Ch.281 Vol.19 Ch.280 Vol.19 Ch.279 Vol.19 Ch.278 Vol.19 Ch.277 Vol.19 Ch.276 Vol.19 Ch.275 Vol.19 Ch.274 Vol.19 Ch.273 Vol.19 Ch.272 Vol.19 Ch.271 Vol.19 Ch.270 Vol.18 Ch.269.5 Vol.18 Ch.269 Vol.18 Ch.268 Vol.18 Ch.267 Vol.18 Ch.266 Vol.18 Ch.265 Vol.18 Ch.264 Vol.18 Ch.263 Vol.18 Ch.262 Vol.18 Ch.261 Vol.18 Ch.260 Vol.18 Ch.259 Vol.18 Ch.258 Vol.18 Ch.257 Vol.18 Ch.256 Vol.18 Ch.255 Vol.17 Ch.254.5 Vol.17 Ch.254 Vol.17 Ch.253 Vol.17 Ch.252 Vol.17 Ch.251 Vol.17 Ch.250 Vol.17 Ch.249 Vol.17 Ch.248 Vol.17 Ch.247 Vol.17 Ch.246 Vol.17 Ch.245 Vol.17 Ch.244 Vol.17 Ch.243 Vol.17 Ch.242 Vol.17 Ch.241 Vol.17 Ch.240 Vol.16 Ch.239.5 - Extra. Vol.16 Ch.239 - The Worn-Out Warriors Vol.16 Ch.238 - The Hopes of a Planet Vol.16 Ch.237 - One More...the Sphere! Vol.16 Ch.236 - Least Resistance Vol.16 Ch.235 - The Last Heartbeat Vol.16 Ch.234 - All That Power... Vol.16 Ch.233 - The Energy Sphere Vol.16 Ch.232 - The Moon Vol.16 Ch.231 - Battle in the Red Zone!! Vol.16 Ch.230 - Too Much Power? Vol.16 Ch.229 - The Decisive Battle at Last! Vol.16 Ch.228 - Mano a Maniac!! Vol.16 Ch.227 - The Last of Nappa Vol.16 Ch.226 - The Mystery of the Kaio-ken Vol.16 Ch.225 - Vengeance Vol.15 Ch.224.5 - Extra. Vol.15 Ch.224 - The Quiet Wrath of Son Goku Vol.15 Ch.223 - Picclo's Last Stand Vol.15 Ch.222 - The Death of a God!! Vol.15 Ch.221 - The Time Draws Near Vol.15 Ch.220 - Back From the Other Side Vol.15 Ch.219 - Goku,Hurry! Vol.15 Ch.218 - The Last Blast Vol.15 Ch.217 - Hope Runs Out Vol.15 Ch.216 - Heroes in Terror Vol.15 Ch.215 - One Down... Vol.15 Ch.214 - Let the Games Begin! Vol.15 Ch.213 - The Day of the Saiyans Vol.15 Ch.212 - Closer...Closer... Vol.15 Ch.211 - The Hardest Time of His Death Vol.15 Ch.210 - Masters and Students Vol.14 Ch.209 Vol.14 Ch.208 Vol.14 Ch.207 Vol.14 Ch.206 Vol.14 Ch.205 Vol.14 Ch.203 Vol.14 Ch.202 Vol.14 Ch.201 Vol.14 Ch.200 Vol.14 Ch.199 Vol.14 Ch.198 Vol.14 Ch.197.1 Vol.14 Ch.197 Vol.14 Ch.196 - Kakarotto Vol.14 Ch.195 - The Mysterious Alien Warrior Vol.13 Ch.194 - The Gift of Dragon Balls Vol.13 Ch.193 - The Fate of Strongest Vol.13 Ch.192 - The Last Gasp! Vol.13 Ch.191 - The 10 Count Vol.13 Ch.190 - Piccolo Destorys Everything Vol.13 Ch.189 - The Demon King's Final Gamble Vol.13 Ch.188 - Goku's Fight Vol.13 Ch.187 - Piccolo's Super Giantification Spell Vol.13 Ch.186 - Panic at the Tenka'ichi Budokai! Vol.13 Ch.185 - The Super Kamehameha Vol.13 Ch.184 - The Real Fight Vol.13 Ch.183 - Testing the Waters Vol.13 Ch.182 - The fated showdown! Vol.13 Ch.181 - God's Miscakulation Vol.13 Ch.180 - Kami-sama vs. the Demon King Vol.12 Ch.179 - Two Weak Points Vol.12 Ch.178 - Tenshinhan's Prided Surefire Technique Vol.12 Ch.177 - Speed Vol.12 Ch.176 - Son Goku vs Tenshinhan Vol.12 Ch.175 - S-H-E-N Vol.12 Ch.174 - Yamcha vs Shen Vol.12 Ch.173 - Kuririn vs Ma Junior Settling the Score!! Vol.12 Ch.172 - Kuririn vs Ma Junior Vol.12 Ch.171 - Son Goku's Marriage Vol.12 Ch.170 - The Assassin's Struggles Vol.12 Ch.169 - Tenshinhan vs Taopaipai Vol.12 Ch.168 - The 8 Finalists Vol.12 Ch.167 - New Challengers Vol.12 Ch.166 - The Reunion Vol.12 Ch.165 - Shen Long Resurrected! Vol.11 Ch.164 - Enter God Vol.11 Ch.163 - The Heaven of Kami-sama Vol.11 Ch.162 - The Nyoi-b?'s Secret Vol.11 Ch.161 - The Fist of Son Goku Vol.11 Ch.160 - Goku's Final Gamble Vol.11 Ch.159 - The Blasted Earth Vol.11 Ch.158 - Goku's Greatest Crisis! Vol.11 Ch.157 - The Immortal Battle Vol.11 Ch.156 - Fury Vol.11 Ch.155 - Guess Who's Back? Vol.11 Ch.154 - Tenshinhan vs. Drum Vol.11 Ch.153 - Tenshinhan's Decision!! Vol.11 Ch.152 - Piccolo's World Vol.11 Ch.151 - The Superest Super Water!!! Vol.11 Ch.150 - Karin's Quandary Vol.10 Ch.149 - World Domination Vol.10 Ch.148 - Go Ask Karin! Vol.10 Ch.147 - The Demon King of Old... Restored! Vol.10 Ch.146 - The Maf?-Ba Vol.10 Ch.145 - The Muten-R?shi's Decision Vol.10 Ch.144 - Goku... Loses? Vol.10 Ch.143 - Goku vs. The Demon King Vol.10 Ch.142 - Piccolo Descends! Vol.10 Ch.141 - Goku vs. Tambourine Vol.10 Ch.140 - The Martial Artist Hunters Vol.10 Ch.139 - Yajirobe's Prey Vol.10 Ch.138 - The Weirdo with the Ball Vol.10 Ch.137 - We Need You, Goku! Vol.10 Ch.136 - Target Tenkaichi Budokai Vol.10 Ch.135 - The Death of Kuririn Vol.09 Ch.134 - Up in the Air Vol.09 Ch.133 - Desperation Move Vol.09 Ch.132 - The Arms Race Vol.09 Ch.131 - Tsuru-Sen'nin Vol.09 Ch.130 - Tian Jinfan Panics! Vol.09 Ch.129 - The Volleyball Attack and Combat Power Vol.09 Ch.128 - The Greatest Super Battle in the World!! Vol.09 Ch.127 - Kuririn’s Plan, Gok?’s Plan Vol.09 Ch.126 - Son Gokū’s So Strong!! Vol.09 Ch.125 - Son Gokū Versus Kuririn!! Vol.09 Ch.124 - The Young Tian Jinfan Vol.09 Ch.123 - One Close Match!! Vol.09 Ch.122 - Here Comes Son Gok?!!! Vol.09 Ch.121 - Kuririn’s Big Plan Vol.09 Ch.120 - What the-?! A Dodon-Pa! Vol.08 Ch.119.5 - Extra(Volume 8) Vol.08 Ch.119 - The Full Moon Grudge Vol.08 Ch.118 - Yamcha’s Beaten!! Vol.08 Ch.117 - Yamcha’s Kamehameha Vol.08 Ch.116 - The Rigged Competition Chart Vol.08 Ch.115 - Surviving the Preliminaries,part 2 Vol.08 Ch.114 - Surviving the Preliminaries Vol.08 Ch.113 - The 22nd Tenka-Ichi Budokai Vol.08 Ch.112 - Run Son Goku! Vol.08 Ch.111 - Shenlong Returns!! Vol.08 Ch.110 - Pilaf’s Big Plan Vol.08 Ch.109 - The Pilaf Gang Strikes Back Vol.08 Ch.108 - Son Gohan Vol.08 Ch.107 - Goku's Tail Vol.08 Ch.106 - Two Strong Opponents Vol.08 Ch.105 - The Fifth Man Vol.07 Ch.104.5 - Extra(Volume 7) Vol.07 Ch.104 - The Ackmite Beam Vol.07 Ch.103 - Son Gok? Mighty!! Vol.07 Ch.102 - Son Gok? Enters Vol.07 Ch.101 - The Devil’s Toilet Vol.07 Ch.100 - A Bloodbath of a Battle Vol.07 Ch.099 - 5 Warriors Vol.07 Ch.098 - Uranai Baba Vol.07 Ch.097 - The Last Dragonball Vol.07 Ch.096 - A Huge Victory!! Vol.07 Ch.095 - Commander Red Dies! Vol.07 Ch.094 - Son Gokū’s Smooth Assault! Vol.07 Ch.093 - Son Gokū’s Invasion Vol.07 Ch.092 - The Last of Tao Baibai Vol.07 Ch.091 - The Great Showdown in the Sacred Land!! Vol.07 Ch.090 - Son Gokū’s Counterattack Vol.06 Ch.089.5 - extra (volume 6) Vol.06 Ch.089 - A Drink of Water Vol.06 Ch.088 - Sage of the Korin Tower Vol.06 Ch.087 - The Great Climb Vol.06 Ch.086 - The Devastating Dodon-Pa!!! Vol.06 Ch.085 - Taopaipai the Assassin Vol.06 Ch.084 - The Korin Sanctuary Vol.06 Ch.083 - The Stolen Dragon Radar Vol.06 Ch.082 - The Broken Dragon Radar Vol.06 Ch.081 - Chased to Penguin Village! Vol.06 Ch.080 - The Three Stolen Dragon Balls Vol.06 Ch.079 - Run, Run, Run!! Vol.06 Ch.078 - The Great Escape Vol.06 Ch.077 - Bright Blue's Eyes Vol.06 Ch.076 - The Treasure! Vol.06 Ch.075 - Robot in Waiting! Vol.05 Ch.074.5 - extra (volume 5) Vol.05 Ch.074 - The Pirates' Trap Vol.05 Ch.073 - The Wrong Turtle to Mess With Vol.05 Ch.072 - The Blue Meanies Vol.05 Ch.071 - The Turtle is Spotted! Vol.05 Ch.070 - Bulma's Big Mistake!! Vol.05 Ch.069 - Bulma and Goku Vol.05 Ch.068 - Monkey in the City Vol.05 Ch.067 - Go West, Young Goku... Vol.05 Ch.066 - Muscle Tower's Final Hour Vol.05 Ch.065 - How to Unjiggle a Jiggler Vol.05 Ch.064 - The Horrible... Jiggler! Vol.05 Ch.063 - Mechanical Man No. 8 Vol.05 Ch.062 - The Ninja Split! Vol.05 Ch.061 - The 4½ Tatami Mat Flip Vol.05 Ch.060 - Purple People Beater Vol.04 Ch.059.5 - extra (volume 4) Vol.04 Ch.059 Vol.04 Ch.058 - The Flexing of Muscle Tower Vol.04 Ch.057 - The Storming of Muscle Tower Vol.04 Ch.056 - The Dragon Ball Scramble Vol.04 Ch.055 - The Red Ribbon Vol.04 Ch.054 - On the Road Again Vol.04 Ch.053 - The Final Blow Vol.04 Ch.052 - The Climax Approaches! Vol.04 Ch.051 - And the Crowd Goes Wild Vol.04 Ch.050 - Jackie's Shocking Secret Vol.04 Ch.049 - The Big Sleep Vol.04 Ch.048 - One Lucky Monkey Vol.04 Ch.047 - The Kamehameha Vol.04 Ch.046 - The Final Match Vol.04 Ch.045 - Taking the Air Vol.03 Ch.044.5 - extra (volume 3) Vol.03 Ch.044 - The Name of the Game is Namu Vol.03 Ch.043 - The Mysterious Jackie Chun Vol.03 Ch.042 - The Big Fight Vol.03 Ch.041 - Kuririn vs. Jackie Chun Vol.03 Ch.040 - The Tail of Goku Vol.03 Ch.039 - Monster Smash Vol.03 Ch.038 - Water and Cheesecake Vol.03 Ch.037 - Match No.2 Vol.03 Ch.036 - Match No. 1 Vol.03 Ch.035 - The Battle is Set!! Vol.03 Ch.034 - Strongest Under the Heavens! Vol.03 Ch.033 - The Power of training!! Vol.03 Ch.032 - The Tenkaichi Budoukai Begins!! Vol.03 Ch.031 - The Kamesen style's severe training Vol.03 Ch.030 - Milk Delivery Vol.02 Ch.029 - Search for the Turtle-Mark Stone Vol.02 Ch.028 - Training Begins Vol.02 Ch.027 - Lunch's Sneeze Vol.02 Ch.026 - A Mysterious Girl Vol.02 Ch.025 - A Rival Appears!! Vol.02 Ch.024 - Kamesennin's Training Fee Vol.02 Ch.023 - The Dragon Team Splits Up Vol.02 Ch.022 - Gokuu's Great Transformation Vol.02 Ch.021 - Full Moon Vol.02 Ch.020 - The Wish to-Shenlong Vol.02 Ch.019 - The Dragon finally appearss!! Vol.02 Ch.018 - The DragonBalls are stolen!! Vol.02 Ch.017 - The Boss's Special Move Vol.02 Ch.016 - Rabbit Ears Vol.02 Ch.015 - The Chiishinchuu,found Vol.01 Ch.014.5 - Extra(Volume 1) Vol.01 Ch.014 - Kamesennin's Kamehameha Vol.01 Ch.013 - Kamesennin's Bashousen Vol.01 Ch.012 - Calling Upon Kamesennin Vol.01 Ch.011 - Gyuumaou on Frypan Mountain Vol.01 Ch.010 - The Great Robbery Plan Vol.01 Ch.009 - The Dragonballs in Danger! Vol.01 Ch.008 - The Fearsome Yamucha Vol.01 Ch.007 - Yamucha and Puerh Vol.01 Ch.006 - Oolong v/s. Son Gokuu Vol.01 Ch.005 - Oolong Appears! Vol.01 Ch.004 - Kamesennin's Kintoun! Vol.01 Ch.003 - Gokuu Runs to the Beach! Vol.01 Ch.002 - No Balls!! Vol.01 Ch.001 - Bulma and Son Gokuu
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