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Fairy Tail


Last Update: Jul 22,2017

Tag: Action Adventure Comedy Fantasy Drama Shounen Ecchi
Author:MASHIMA Hiro

Fairy Tail is a world filled with magic spells, flying cats, and exhibitionist ice mages! We travel to the land of Fiore, where we stumble upon Fairy Tail; a mage guild with the most outrageous and in...more

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Vol (570) Order
Vol.38 Ch.545 Vol.38 Ch.544 Vol.38 Ch.543 Vol.38 Ch.542 Vol.38 Ch.541 Vol.38 Ch.540 Vol.38 Ch.539 Vol.38 Ch.538 - When the Flames Die Vol.38 Ch.537 - The Power Of Life Vol.38 Ch.536 - The Flame of The Dragon's Roar Vol.38 Ch.535 - The Greatest Power Vol.38 Ch.534 - The Door Of Vows Vol.38 Ch.533 - Zeref, the White Wizard (MS) Vol.38 Ch.532 - I Can No Longer See Love (MS) Vol.38 Ch.531 - Pegasus vs. Acnologia (MS) Vol.38 Ch.530 - Neo Eclipse (MS) Vol.38 Ch.529 - Teacher (MS) Vol.38 Ch.528 - Evil Dragon Vol.38 Ch.527 - Passion Vol.38 Ch.526 - My Name Is... Vol.38 Ch.525 - Why Was His Majesty's Child Not Loved? Vol.38 Ch.524 - Black Future (MS) Vol.38 Ch.523 - Will Destiny Go Up In Flames? (MS) Vol.38 Ch.522 - Gray's Trump Card (MS) Vol.38 Ch.521 - The Mightiest Mage Vol.38 Ch.520 - Dragon or Demon (MS) Vol.38 Ch.519 - Show Me Your Smile (MS) Vol.38 Ch.518 - Master Enchantment Vol.38 Ch.517 - Wendy Belserion Vol.38 Ch.516 - The Truth of Enchantment (MS version) Vol.38 Ch.515 - I Am You... You Are Me (MS) Vol.38 Ch.514 - The Dragon Seed Vol.38 Ch.513 - Flower Circle Vol.38 Ch.512 - Sting the White Shadow Dragon Vol.38 Ch.511 - Hunger Hell (MS) Vol.38 Ch.510 - Natsu's Heart Vol.38 Ch.509 - Kagura vs. Rahkeid Vol.38 Ch.508 - Pleasure and Agony (Fixed) Vol.38 Ch.507 - Voice Vol.38 Ch.506 - Broken Bonds Vol.38 Ch.505 - Trump Card Vol.38 Ch.504 - Rift (MS) Vol.38 Ch.503 - The Last Sight I Beheld Vol.38 Ch.502 - Mavis and Zera (MS) Vol.38 Ch.501 - Mari and Randi Vol.38 Ch.500 - Fire and Ice Vol.38 Ch.499 - Gray and Juvia Vol.38 Ch.498 - Gray vs. Invel Vol.38 Ch.497 - The Winter Mage Vol.38 Ch.496 - Forward! Vol.38 Ch.495 - I'm Hungry as Hell! Vol.38 Ch.494 - The Hill Extending Towards Tomorrow Vol.38 Ch.493 - The White Dragneel Vol.38 Ch.492 - Elder Sister and Younger Sister Vol.38 Ch.491 - Mother and Child Vol.38 Ch.490 - Fairy Tail ZERO Vol.38 Ch.489.5 - Special Omake: Stone Age (MS) Vol.38 Ch.489 - Universe One Vol.38 Ch.488 - The Two of Us... Together... Forever... and Always Vol.38 Ch.487 - The Third Seal Vol.38 Ch.486 - The Fourth Guest Vol.38 Ch.485 - Five Days' Worth of Food Vol.38 Ch.484 - The Monstrous Six Vol.38 Ch.483 - The Seven Stars Vol.38 Ch.482 - Vigor Vol.38 Ch.481 - Historia of Corpses Vol.38 Ch.480 - The Northern Gravestone Vol.38 Ch.479 - Who you should show the greatest respect to is... Vol.38 Ch.478 - Stealth Vol.38 Ch.477 - Transport Vol.38 Ch.476 - Bid Farewell to the Mage Girls Vol.38 Ch.475 - Dimaria Chronos Yesta Vol.38 Ch.474 - In the Moment of Complete Silence Vol.38 Ch.473 - Red Lightning Vol.38 Ch.472 - Laxus vs. Wahl Vol.38 Ch.471 - Until the battle ends... Vol.38 Ch.470 - Hybrid Theory Vol.38 Ch.469 - What I Want to Do Vol.38 Ch.468 - Star Memory Vol.38 Ch.467 - Mother's Key[MS Ver.] Vol.38 Ch.466 - Assassin[MS Ver.] Vol.38 Ch.465 - 400 Years Vol.38 Ch.464 - Natsu vs Zeref Vol.38 Ch.463 - Black Carpet Vol.38 Ch.462.5 - Merry Christmas Vol.38 Ch.462 - Battlefield Vol.38 Ch.461 - For Whose Sake Is that Parfum? Vol.38 Ch.460 - Pegasus Descends Vol.38 Ch.459 - Weakness Vol.38 Ch.458 - Morning Star Vol.38 Ch.457 - Battle of Naked Vol.38 Ch.456 - Order Vol.38 Ch.455 - Defense of Magnolia Vol.38 Ch.454 - Flying Dragon Squad and Osprey Squad Vol.38 Ch.453 - A Parent's Duty Vol.38 Ch.452 - Prelude to the Final Battle Vol.38 Ch.451 - Fairy Heart Vol.38 Ch.450 - Alone In All The World Vol.38 Ch.449 - Mavis And Zeref Vol.38 Ch.448 - Fight The Power Vol.38 Ch.447 - Battle to Escape Vol.38 Ch.446 - The Land Abandoned by God Vol.38 Ch.445 - Filthy Fairies Vol.38 Ch.444 - Emperor Spriggan Vol.38 Ch.443 - And Then the Ground Vanished Vol.38 Ch.442 - Edicts of Space Vol.38 Ch.441 - Caracolle Island Vol.38 Ch.440 - God Serena Vol.38 Ch.439 - Alvarez Empire Vol.38 Ch.438 - The Seventh Guild Master Vol.38 Ch.437.1 - Fairy Tail of the Dead Meeeeeeeeen Vol.38 Ch.437 - Magnolia Vol.38 Ch.436 - Memoirs Vol.38 Ch.435 - Victory Shout Vol.38 Ch.434 - Demolition Fist Vol.38 Ch.433 - Ikusatsunagi Vol.38 Ch.432 - The Loving Briar Vol.38 Ch.431 - My Sword Is... Vol.38 Ch.430 - Operation Purification Vol.38 Ch.429 - Code Blue Vol.38 Ch.428 - If Our Paths are Different Vol.38 Ch.427 - Fierce Fight Underground Vol.38 Ch.426 - Black Heart Vol.38 Ch.425 - Sabretooth X792 Vol.38 Ch.424 - Avatar Vol.38 Ch.423 - Because He Loves You Vol.38 Ch.422 - Orochi's Fin Vol.38 Ch.421 - Wendy and Chelia (MS Version) Vol.38 Ch.420 - Lamia Scales Thanksgiving (MS Version) Vol.38 Ch.419 - The Message of Flame Vol.38 Ch.418 - Challenger Vol.38 Ch.417 - A Lone Journey II Vol.38 Ch.416.5 - Natsu VS. Mavis Vol.38 Ch.416 - Tartaros Arc - Final Chapter (MS Version) Vol.38 Ch.415 - And It Shall Become Your Will to Live Vol.38 Ch.414 - Drops of Flame Vol.38 Ch.413 - The Book of END (MS Version) Vol.38 Ch.412 - Dance Unto Ishgar (MS Version) Vol.38 Ch.411 - Quid Pro Quo Vol.38 Ch.410 - Memento Mori (MS Version) Vol.38 Ch.409 - A Black and White Needle Vol.38 Ch.408 - Absolute Demon (MS Version) Vol.38 Ch.407 - In Order to Destroy Me (MS Version) Vol.38 Ch.406 - The Girl Within the Crystal (MS Version) Vol.38 Ch.405 - Tartaros Arc: Part 6 - Magna Carta (MS Version) Vol.38 Ch.404 - 00:00 (MS Version) Vol.38 Ch.403 - Erza vs. Kyouka Vol.38 Ch.402 - Iron Fist of the Fire Dragon Vol.38 Ch.401 - Igneel vs. Acnologia (MS Version) Vol.38 Ch.400 - Wings of Hope (MS Version) Vol.38 Ch.399 - Wings of Despair Vol.38 Ch.398 - The Last One-on-One Vol.38 Ch.397 - Steel Vol.38 Ch.396 - "Air"(fixed) Vol.38 Ch.395 - Tartaros Arc: Part 5 - Extream Pain (MS Version) Vol.38 Ch.394 - Juvia vs. Keith (MS Version) Vol.38 Ch.393 - Silvers' Thoughts (MS Version) Vol.38 Ch.392 - I Must Not Forget (MS Version) Vol.38 Ch.391 - Gray vs.Silver (MS Version) Vol.38 Ch.390 - A Young Boy's Story (MS Version) Vol.38 Ch.389 - Twin Dragons Vs. Dark King (MS Version) Vol.38 Ch.388 - Erza vs. Minerva (MS Version) Vol.38 Ch.387 - Tartaros Arc, Part 4- Father and Son (MS Version) Vol.38 Ch.386 - Galaxia Blade Vol.38 Ch.385 - Celestial Spirit King vs. Dark King (MS Version) Vol.38 Ch.384 - Single Celestial Attack (MS Version) Vol.38 Ch.383 - Surfer Lucy (MS Version) Vol.38 Ch.382 - Alegria(MS Version) Vol.38 Ch.381 - The Devil's House(MS Version) Vol.38 Ch.380 - Hell's Core(MS Version) Vol.38 Ch.379 - King of Hades(Ms Version) Vol.38 Ch.378.5 - Natsu and Asuka Vol.38 Ch.378 - With Friends, Always(MS Version) Vol.38 Ch.377 - Imperial Wrath of Heavenly Dragon(MS Version) Vol.38 Ch.376.6 - She's Erza! Vol.38 Ch.376.5 - 413 Days Vol.38 Ch.376 - Wendy vs. Ezel(MS Version) Vol.38 Ch.375 - The Supernatural(MS Version) Vol.38 Ch.374.5 - Welcome Home, Frosh Vol.38 Ch.374 - Revolution(Ms Version) Vol.38 Ch.373 - Life or Death? Vol.38 Ch.372 - Breach(mangastream version) Vol.38 Ch.371 - Tartaros Arc: Part 2- Song of the Heavenly Dragon(mangastream version) Vol.38 Ch.370 - Demons Reincarnated Vol.38 Ch.369 - The Place Prayers Are Heard Vol.38 Ch.368 - The Third Seal Vol.38 Ch.367 - Jellal VS.Oracion Seis Vol.38 Ch.366 - A Thousand Souls Vol.38 Ch.365 - Fairy in the Jail (Mangastream Version) Vol.38 Ch.364.5 - Christmas Special Vol.38 Ch.364 - Tartaros Arc, Part 1: Sins and Sinners(mangastream version) Vol.38 Ch.363 - The Stories Demons Read Vol.38 Ch.362 - Natsu vs. Jackal Vol.38 Ch.361 - The Two Bombs Vol.38 Ch.360 - The White Inheritance Vol.38 Ch.359.1 - Fairy Tail X Nanatsu no Taizai Vol.38 Ch.359 - Fairies Against The Netherworld Vol.38 Ch.358 - Magical Barrier Particles (mangastream version) Vol.38 Ch.357 - The Nine Demon Gates Vol.38 Ch.356 - Tartarus (Prologue) Vol.38 Ch.355 - Song of the Fairies Vol.38 Ch.354 - Effy Artis Vol.38 Ch.353 - The Dark Magic's Purification Vol.38 Ch.352 - The Flame's Voice Vol.38 Ch.351 - Eternal Fire Vol.38 Ch.350 - Gray VS Doriarte Vol.38 Ch.349 - The Demon Doriarte Vol.38 Ch.348 - Return of the Demon Vol.38 Ch.347 - Red, Blue, and Blonde Hair Fight! Vol.38 Ch.346 - The Law of Regression Vol.38 Ch.345.5 - Special:The Fairy's Punishment Game Vol.38 Ch.345 - Someone's Voice Vol.38 Ch.344 - Wizards VS Hunters Vol.35 Ch.343 - Treasure Hunter Vol.35 Ch.342 - Warrod Cken Vol.35 Ch.341 - The Morning Of A New Adventure Vol.35 Ch.340 - Gift Vol.35 Ch.339 - The Stardust Essence Vol.35 Ch.338 - The great banquet Vol.35 Ch.337 - The Golden Plains Vol.35 Ch.336 - In Order To Live Today To The Fullest Vol.35 Ch.335 - The Time of Life Vol.35 Ch.334 - Sin and Sacrifice Vol.35 Ch.333 - Man and Man, Dragon and Dragon, Man and Dragon Vol.35 Ch.332 - Fire Bird Vol.35 Ch.331 - Natsu's Strategy Vol.35 Ch.330 - Zilconis' Magic Vol.35 Ch.329 - Seven Dragon Vol.35 Ch.328 - Zodiac Vol.35 Ch.327 - Now It's My Responsibility Vol.35 Ch.326 - Natsu Vs. Rogue Vol.35 Ch.325 - Unity!!! Vol.26 Ch.324 - The One That Closed The Gates Vol.26 Ch.323 - A Returning Shadow Vol.26 Ch.322 - Gloria Vol.26 Ch.321 - Laxus vs. Jura Vol.26 Ch.320 - Fierce Lightning Vol.26 Ch.319 - Holy Knight Vol.26 Ch.318 - Gajeel vs Rogue Vol.26 Ch.317 - Frog Vol.26 Ch.316 - Acceleration Towards A Doomed Future Vol.26 Ch.315 - Rosemary Vol.26 Ch.314 - Erza VS Kagura Vol.26 Ch.313 - The King's Scenario Vol.26 Ch.312 - Threesomes Vol.26 Ch.311 - The Country Until Tomorrow Vol.26 Ch.310 - This Country of Ours Vol.26 Ch.309 - The Burning Earth Vol.26 Ch.308 - Fairy Tail Vs. The Executioners Vol.26 Ch.307 - The Order Of The Hungry Wolves Vol.26 Ch.306 - Gray Vs. Rufus Vol.26 Ch.305 - The Fairy Strategist Vol.26 Ch.304 - Last day of the daimatou enbu Vol.26 Ch.303 - The Strategy of The Two Fronts Vol.26 Ch.302 - Eclipse Project Vol.26 Ch.301 - "The Dragon King" Vol.26 Ch.300 - Where the souls of the dragons sleep Vol.26 Ch.299 - Travelling Alone Vol.26 Ch.298 - Exciting Ryuuzetsu Land Vol.26 Ch.297 - The face of the girl that I saw that time Vol.26 Ch.296 - Natsu Vs. the two dragons Vol.26 Ch.295.5 - Special - Fairy Woman Vol.26 Ch.295 - Sting and Lecter Vol.26 Ch.294 - Battle of dragon slayers Vol.26 Ch.293 - The Perfume Dedicated to You Vol.26 Ch.292 - All Feelings Unite Vol.26 Ch.291 - Naval Battle Vol.26 Ch.290 - Night of Intersecting Feelings Vol.26 Ch.289 - Tiny Fists Vol.26 Ch.288 - Wendy vs Chelia Vol.26 Ch.287 - A Real Family Vol.26 Ch.286 - Fairy Tail B's Laxus Dreyar VS. Raven Tail's Alexei Vol.26 Ch.285 - "MPF" Vol.26 Ch.284 - Pandemonium Vol.26 Ch.283 - "Natsu VS Sabertooth" Vol.26 Ch.282 - Ten Keys and Two Keys Vol.26 Ch.281 - Malice is Concealed by the Curtain of Night Vol.26 Ch.280.5 - Speical -- Grand Magic Games Guide Book Vol.26 Ch.280 - Kagura vs. Yukino Vol.26 Ch.279 - The Gateway Hidden in Darkness Vol.26 Ch.278 - Elfman VS. Bacchus Vol.26 Ch.277 - Socks Vol.26 Ch.276 - Chariot Vol.26 Ch.275 - The Drunk Falcon Vol.26 Ch.274 - Bad Omen Vol.26 Ch.273 - The Black Thunder Orga Vol.26 Ch.272 - The Noble Loser Vol.26 Ch.271 - Lucy vs Flare Vol.26 Ch.270 - Into a Night of Falling Stars Vol.26 Ch.269 - Vanish Into the Stillness Vol.26 Ch.268 - The B-team Guys Vol.25 Ch.267 - A New Guild Vol.25 Ch.266 - Sky Labyrinth Vol.25 Ch.265 - The Flower Blooming Capital, Crocas Vol.25 Ch.264 - Let's Make Up For The Time We Lost Vol.25 Ch.263 - Crime Sorciere Vol.25 Ch.262 - Song of the Stars Vol.25 Ch.261 - The One Magic Vol.25 Ch.260 - Now We're Aiming For The Top! Vol.25 Ch.259 - Lucy And Natsu Vol.25 Ch.258 - Sabertooth Vol.25 Ch.257 - Father's 7 Years Vol.25 Ch.256 - The 7 Years of Nothing Vol.25 Ch.255 - Fairy Sphere Vol.25 Ch.254 - Year 791 - Fairy Tail Vol.25 Ch.253 - Let's Join Hands Vol.25 Ch.252 - To My Shitty Brats, Full of Pride Vol.25 Ch.251 - The Right to Love Vol.25 Ch.250 - Zeref Awakens Vol.25 Ch.249 - Magic Is Alive Vol.25 Ch.248 - Daybreak at Tenrou Island Vol.25 Ch.247 - Right Beside Each Other Vol.25 Ch.246 - Domain of the Abyss Vol.25 Ch.245 - The Unbranded Man Vol.25 Ch.244 - Thunder Crashes Vol.25 Ch.243 - Mistakes and Experience Vol.25 Ch.242 - Acnologia Vol.25 Ch.241 - The Power of 'Life' Vol.25 Ch.240 - Gray vs. Ultear Vol.25 Ch.239 - Frozen Spirit Vol.25 Ch.238 - At One Time Vol.25 Ch.237 - What a Guild Vol.25 Ch.236 - Erza vs Azuma Vol.25 Ch.235 - Tenrou Tree Vol.25 Ch.234 - The Boy Who Stares at the Sea Vol.25 Ch.233 - Fairy Glitter Vol.23 Ch.232 - The One Thing I Couldn't Say Vol.23 Ch.231 - Ender Vol.23 Ch.230 - Tears of Love and Life Vol.23 Ch.229 - Dead End of Despair Vol.23 Ch.228 - Women Drenched In The Rain Vol.23 Ch.227 - Lucy Fire Vol.23 Ch.226 - Ushi no Koku Mairi Vol.23 Ch.225 - Tear Vol.23 Ch.224 - Zoldeo's Ambition Vol.23 Ch.223 - The Door of Humans Vol.23 Ch.222 - Arc of Embodiment Vol.23 Ch.221 - The Ultimate Magic World Vol.23 Ch.220 - Fairy Sisters Vol.23 Ch.219 - Dragon God's Brilliant Flame Vol.23 Ch.218 - Fire Dragon vs. Fire God Vol.23 Ch.217 - Lost Magic Vol.23 Ch.216 - The Essence of Magic Vol.23 Ch.215 - Makarov vs. Hades Vol.23 Ch.214 - Makarov's Charge Vol.23 Ch.213 - 1 of the 7 Kin Vol.23 Ch.212.5 - Iron Soul Special Chapter Vol.23 Ch.212 - Iron Soul Vol.23 Ch.211 - Kawazu & Yomazu Vol.23 Ch.210 - Stupid Gajeel Vol.23 Ch.209 - Black Mage Vol.23 Ch.208 - Death Preying Vol.23 Ch.207 - Mest Vol.23 Ch.206 - In Order to Continue Down this Path Vol.23 Ch.205 - Natsu vs. Gildarts Vol.23 Ch.204 - Who Has Good luck Again? Vol.23 Ch.203 - The Eight Paths Vol.23 Ch.202 - Best Partner Vol.23 Ch.201 - Trial Vol.23 Ch.200 - Those That Extinguish Life Vol.23 Ch.199 - Lisanna Vol.23 Ch.198 - The Wings To Tomorrow Vol.23 Ch.197 - Bye Bye, Fairy Tail Vol.23 Ch.196 - Great Demon Lord Dragneel Vol.23 Ch.195.5 - Omake: Coca Cola Vol.22 Ch.195 - The King of the New World Vol.22 Ch.194 - I'm Standing Right Here Vol.22 Ch.193 - Those Who Live Vol.22 Ch.192 - I Won't Run Away Anymore Vol.22 Ch.191 - Three Men Cell Vol.22 Ch.190 - Dragon Sense Vol.22 Ch.189 - That Boy From Back Then Vol.22 Ch.188 - One Wing Vol.22 Ch.187 - End of the Dragon Chain Cannon Vol.22 Ch.186 - My Cat Vol.22 Ch.185 - Ice Boy Vol.22 Ch.184 - The River of Stars For Pride's Sake Vol.22 Ch.183 - Monster Academy Vol.22 Ch.182.5 - Bonus. Vol.22 Ch.182 - But it's our lives! Vol.22 Ch.181 - Battle against the forces of Edolas Vol.22 Ch.180 - Erza vs Erza Vol.22 Ch.179 - Code ETD Vol.21 Ch.178 - I Will Be Beside You Vol.21 Ch.177 - Fly! To Your Friends! Vol.21 Ch.176 - Exteria Vol.21 Ch.175 - Welcome Back Vol.21 Ch.174 - Revelation Vol.21 Ch.173 - Fireball Vol.21 Ch.172 - Key of Hope Vol.21 Ch.171 - Faust Vol.21 Ch.170 - Fairy Hunting Vol.20 Ch.169 - Edras Vol.20 Ch.168 - Earthland Vol.20 Ch.167 - Vanishing Town Vol.20 Ch.166 - A Black Dragon Vol.20 Ch.165 - Fairy Girl Wendy Vol.20 Ch.164 - A Guild For The Sake Of A Single Person Vol.20 Ch.163 - Scarlet Sky Vol.20 Ch.162 - I'm Here For You Vol.20 Ch.161.5 - Special Story: Welcome to Fairy Hills Vol.20 Ch.161 - Alliance vs Oracion Seis! The Climax! Vol.19 Ch.160 - The Power Of Feelings Vol.19 Ch.159 - The Flame of Rebuke Vol.19 Ch.158.2 - Special Story: Day of the Fateful Encounter Vol.19 Ch.158 - Door Of Memories Vol.19 Ch.157 - From Pegasus To Fairies Vol.19 Ch.156 - Zero Vol.19 Ch.155 - Last Man Vol.19 Ch.154 - Your Words Vol.19 Ch.153 - Midnight Battle Vol.18 Ch.152 - Jura of the Sacred Ten Vol.18 Ch.151 - End Of Oracion Seis!? Vol.18 Ch.150 - Dragon Roar Vol.18 Ch.149 - A Great Sky Battle!! Natsu Vs Cobra Vol.18 Ch.148 - Death March Vol.18 Ch.147 - Towering Darkness, Light of Hope Vol.18 Ch.146 - You Are Free Vol.18 Ch.145 - Gérard Looks Back Vol.18 Ch.144 - A Beautiful Voice Vol.17 Ch.143 - Stellar Spirit Battle Vol.17 Ch.142 - Darkness Vol.17 Ch.141 - Light Vol.17 Ch.140 - Low-Gear World Vol.17 Ch.139.5 - Special 03: Welcome To The Fairy Fountain!! Vol.17 Ch.139 - Dead Grand Prix Vol.17 Ch.138 - Unaccounted For Vol.17 Ch.137 - The Girl And The Ghost Vol.17 Ch.136 - Coffin Vol.17 Ch.135 - The Sky Sorceress Vol.16 Ch.134 - Oracion Seis Appears! Vol.16 Ch.133 - Twelve Vs. Six Vol.16 Ch.132 - Allied Forces, Assemble! Vol.16 Ch.131 - Nirvana Vol.16 Ch.130 - Love & Lucky Vol.16 Ch.129 - Even So, I... Vol.16 Ch.128 - Fantasia Vol.16 Ch.127 - Tearful Judgement Vol.15 Ch.126 - Get Up!!!! Vol.15 Ch.125 - Sheep in Wolf's Clothing Vol.15 Ch.124 - Triple Dragon Vol.15 Ch.123 - Double Dragon Vol.15 Ch.122 - Solitary Thunder Vol.15 Ch.121 - This is my Chance to Seize the Top Vol.15 Ch.120 - Mistgun Vol.15 Ch.119.5 - Special 02: Mira Sensei's Transformation Magic Lesson Vol.15 Ch.119 - Crashing Into Caldia Cathedral! Vol.14 Ch.118 - Kind Words Vol.14 Ch.117 - Advent of Satan Vol.14 Ch.116 - Kana Vs Lluvia Vol.14 Ch.115 - Regulus Vol.14 Ch.114 - Love Smashes Through All Barriers Vol.14 Ch.113 - Hall of Thunder Vol.14 Ch.112 - Barrage Swordplay Vol.14 Ch.111 - Four Remain Vol.14 Ch.110 - Resign Vol.13 Ch.109 - Defeat Your Friends, For Your Friends Vol.13 Ch.108 - KA-BO--NK!! Vol.13 Ch.107 - Battle Of The Fairy Tail Vol.13 Ch.106 - Harvest Festival Vol.13 Ch.105 - This Man, Luxus(fixed) Vol.13 Ch.104 - Best Friend Vol.13 Ch.103 - Home Vol.13 Ch.102 - Walk Tall Vol.13 Ch.101 - The Red Land in a Frenzy Vol.12 Ch.100 - Towards Tomorrow Vol.12 Ch.099 - Titania Falls Vol.12 Ch.098 - Dragon Force Vol.12 Ch.097 - Shield of Life Vol.12 Ch.096 - Meteor Vol.12 Ch.095 - The Slumbering Princess of the Tower Vol.12 Ch.094 - A Single Person Vol.12 Ch.093 - A Prayer to the Holy Light Vol.12 Ch.092 - Destiny Vol.11 Ch.091 - One Lone Woman; A Costume of Resolve Vol.11 Ch.090 - Ikaruga Vol.11 Ch.089 - Armour of the Heart Vol.11 Ch.088 - Natsu Is The Bait Vol.11 Ch.087 - Lucy Vs. Lluvia Vol.11 Ch.086 - Rock of Succubus Vol.11 Ch.085 - Paradise Game Vol.11 Ch.084 - Natsuneko Fight Vol.11 Ch.083 - Find The Way Vol.10 Ch.082 - Howl at the Moon Vol.10 Ch.081 - The Sound of Darkness Vol.10 Ch.080 - Maiden Jean D'Arc Vol.10 Ch.079 - Sieglein's Decision Vol.10 Ch.078 - The Paradise Ahead Vol.10 Ch.077 - Gérard Vol.10 Ch.076 - The Tower of Paradise Vol.10 Ch.075 - The Butterfly's Dream Vol.09 Ch.074 - The Stellar Spirit King Vol.09 Ch.073 - Year 781, Blue Pegasus Vol.09 Ch.072 - The Lone Star That Can't Return To The Sky Vol.09 Ch.071.5 - Omake: Watch Out For That Guy Vol.09 Ch.071 - Balsam Night Vol.09 Ch.070 - Frederick and Yanderica Vol.09 Ch.069 - Next Generation Vol.09 Ch.068 - Farewell Vol.09 Ch.067 - My Resolve Vol.09 Ch.066 - Comrades Vol.08 Ch.065 - Fairy Law Vol.08 Ch.064 - The Number One Guild Vol.08 Ch.063 - Now We're Even Vol.08 Ch.062 - When a Fairy Falls Vol.08 Ch.061 - The Two Dragonslayers Vol.08 Ch.060 - Wings of Flame Vol.08 Ch.059 - Inspire Vol.08 Ch.058 - There's Always Someone Better Vol.08 Ch.057 - Weather Doll Vol.07 Ch.056 - Flowers that Bloom in the Rain Vol.07 Ch.055.5 - Special Chapter: Natsu and the Dragon Egg Vol.07 Ch.055 - So as not to see those Tears Vol.07 Ch.054 - Phatom Mk II Vol.07 Ch.053 - Blazing Battle Vol.07 Ch.052 - 15 Minutes Vol.07 Ch.051 - Giant Shadow Vol.07 Ch.050 - Lucy Heartphilia Vol.07 Ch.049 - All Good Things Come to an End Vol.06 Ch.048 - Human Laws Vol.06 Ch.047 - Phantom Lord Vol.06 Ch.046 - Tear Vol.06 Ch.045 - Reach the Sky Vol.06 Ch.044 - The Villagers' Secret Vol.06 Ch.043 - Burst Vol.06 Ch.042 - The Arc of Time Vol.06 Ch.041 - Devil's Roar Vol.06 Ch.040 - Final Battle on Garuna Island Vol.05 Ch.039 - The Truth is a Sorrowful Blade of Ice Vol.05 Ch.038 - Eternal Magic Vol.05 Ch.037 - The Blue Bird Vol.05 Ch.036 - Ur Vol.05 Ch.035 - Do Whatever You Want! Vol.05 Ch.034 - Sword of Judgement Vol.05 Ch.033 - Close? A Door to the Bull Vol.05 Ch.032 - Natsu VS Yuuka the Surge Vol.05 Ch.031 - Fearful Poison Poison Jelly Vol.04 Ch.030 - Continuation of the Dream Vol.04 Ch.029 - Gray and Leon Vol.04 Ch.028 - Moon Drip Vol.04 Ch.027 - Deliora Vol.04 Ch.026 - Is the Moon Out? Vol.04 Ch.025 - Cursed Island Vol.04 Ch.024 - Second Floor Vol.04 Ch.023 - Crime and Punishment Vol.03 Ch.022.5 - Omake: Lucy's Photoshoot Vol.03 Ch.022 - Natsu VS Erza +Omeka Vol.03 Ch.021 - The Strongest Team!!! Vol.03 Ch.020 - In Order to Live Strong Vol.03 Ch.019 - Impossible. You Can't Win, Natsu Vol.03 Ch.018.5 - Happys little Job 2 Vol.03 Ch.018 - Flame and Wind Vol.03 Ch.017 - The Maiden's Magic Vol.03 Ch.016 - Capture Kageyama!! Vol.03 Ch.015 - Fairies in the Wind Vol.03 Ch.014 - Titania Vol.02 Ch.013 - Shinigami Laughs Twice Vol.02 Ch.012 - Cursed Song Vol.02 Ch.011 - Natsu is on the Train Vol.02 Ch.010 - Armor Mage Vol.02 Ch.009 - Dear Kaby Vol.02 Ch.008 - Lucy VS The Duke of Evaroo Vol.02 Ch.007 - The Weak Point of a Mage Vol.01 Ch.006.5 - Happys little job Vol.01 Ch.006 - Infiltrating the Duke of Evaroo's Mansion!! Vol.01 Ch.005 - Day Break Vol.01 Ch.004 - Stellar Spirit of the Canis Minor Vol.01 Ch.003 - The Salamander, the Monkey and the Bull Vol.01 Ch.002 - The Master Appears! Vol.01 Ch.001 - Fairy Tail
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