Kenrantaru Grande Scène
Kenrantaru Grande Scène

Kenrantaru Grande Scène


Last Update: Aug 05,2020

Tag: Romance Shounen

When Kanade was very young, she went to a ballet performance of her neighbor, Risa, and was overwhelmed by her amazing dancing. She decided then and there that she wanted to dance like Risa, and her p...more

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Vol.07 Ch.077 Vol.07 Ch.076 Vol.07 Ch.075 Vol.07 Ch.074 Vol.07 Ch.073 Vol.07 Ch.072 Vol.07 Ch.071 Vol.07 Ch.070 Vol.07 Ch.069 Vol.07 Ch.068 - Award Ceremony Vol.07 Ch.067 Vol.07 Ch.066 Vol.07 Ch.065 Vol.07 Ch.064 Vol.07 Ch.063 Vol.07 Ch.062 Vol.07 Ch.061 Vol.07 Ch.060 Vol.07 Ch.059 Vol.07 Ch.058 Vol.07 Ch.057 - New York Finals 1 Vol.07 Ch.052 - Rhythm and Mood Vol.07 Ch.051 - Hunger Vol.07 Ch.050 - Language Barriers Vol.07 Ch.049 - Multilingual Vol.07 Ch.048 - Constraints Vol.07 Ch.047 - Advantage Vol.07 Ch.046 - Bearing Support Vol.07 Ch.045 - Curiosity Vol.07 Ch.044 - Essential Skills Vol.07 Ch.043 - Award Ceremony Vol.07 Ch.042 - YAGP 6 Vol.07 Ch.041 - YAGP 5 Vol.07 Ch.040 - YAGP 4 Vol.07 Ch.039 - YAGP 3 Vol.07 Ch.038 - YAGP 2 Vol.07 Ch.037 - YAGP 1 Vol.07 Ch.036 - Heat Up Vol.07 Ch.035 - Life Choices Vol.07 Ch.034 - Mime and Action Vol.07 Ch.033 - Muscle and Competency Vol.06 Ch.032 - Recompense Vol.04 Ch.031 - Purpose Vol.04 Ch.030 - Audience Vol.04 Ch.029 - Foothold Vol.04 Ch.028 - Scout Vol.04 Ch.027 - Classics Vol.04 Ch.026 - Support Vol.04 Ch.025 - Athlete Vol.04 Ch.024 - Blockhead Vol.04 Ch.023 - Concatenation Vol.04 Ch.022 - Exertion Vol.04 Ch.021 - Special Lesson Vol.04 Ch.020 - Deft and Clumsy Vol.04 Ch.019 - Clever Vol.04 Ch.018 - Routine Vol.04 Ch.017 - Full Speed Ahead Vol.03 Ch.016 - Negligence Vol.03 Ch.015 - New Axis Vol.03 Ch.014 - Promises Vol.03 Ch.013 - A New Generation Vol.03 Ch.012 - Role Model Vol.03 Ch.011 - Copycat Vol.02 Ch.010 - Gaze Vol.02 Ch.009 - Redeeming Quality Vol.02 Ch.008 - Absolute Disadvantage Vol.02 Ch.007 - Let's Dance for Fun! Vol.02 Ch.006 - Pro Dancer Vol.01 Ch.005 - To the Dream World Vol.01 Ch.004 - Merit Vol.01 Ch.003 - One Step Ahead Vol.01 Ch.002 - Departure Vol.01 Ch.001 - The Curtain Rises
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