Rave Master
Rave Master

Rave Master


Last Update: Dec 05,2008

Tag: Action Adventure Comedy Fantasy Romance Supernatural Drama Shounen
Author:MASHIMA Hiro

The Continent of Song is in chaos. The sinister secret society known as Demon Card is using the power of Dark Bring to destroy everything in their path. The only things capable of stopping Dark Br...more

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Vol (297) Order
Vol.35 Ch.296 - Epilogue: Endless Journey Vol.35 Ch.295 - The Couple's Answer Vol.35 Ch.294 - Decisions Toward the Future Vol.35 Ch.293 - The Finale "Light" Vol.35 Ch.292 - The Wrong World!? Vol.35 Ch.291 - Holy Land of the Star Vol.35 Ch.290 - Strength of Human Vol.34 Ch.289 - Not over yet! Vol.34 Ch.288 - Mother's will Vol.34 Ch.287 - Elie's waiting! Vol.34 Ch.286 - Meaning of life Vol.34 Ch.285 - Towards the promise way Vol.34 Ch.284 - Step toward destruction Vol.34 Ch.283 - Attack from the whole world Vol.34 Ch.282 - Nobody deserved to die Vol.34 Ch.281 - Surpasing the immortality Vol.33 Ch.280 - Life's Scream Vol.33 Ch.279 - Payment For Hope Vol.33 Ch.278 - Go Beyond The Lost Hope Vol.33 Ch.277 - For The Future Vol.33 Ch.276 - Shield of Soul Vol.33 Ch.275 - Last Door Vol.33 Ch.274 - For This Day! Vol.33 Ch.273 - Engage The Enemies! Vol.33 Ch.272 - Sail Towards The Future Vol.32 Ch.271 - Pure Hearts, Passing Each Other By Vol.32 Ch.270 - The Final Light Vol.32 Ch.269 - The Mightiest Bonds Vol.32 Ch.268 - 10th Holy Sword, Drips of life Vol.32 Ch.267 - Strength, Not giving up Vol.32 Ch.266 - Trials of the Alchemist Vol.32 Ch.265 - Devil's Feast Vol.32 Ch.264 - Promise of the souls Vol.32 Ch.263 - Combined Strength Vol.31 Ch.262 - The Trigger to Destruction?! Vol.31 Ch.261 - Engraved unto Sieg... Vol.31 Ch.260 - Eternal Vow Vol.31 Ch.259 - The Guardian Linked to Time Vol.31 Ch.258 - Lives Surpassing Time Vol.31 Ch.257 - On September 9th, All Began with the Rain Vol.31 Ch.256 - The Worst Truth?! Vol.31 Ch.255 - "Time" at the Cliff's Edge Vol.31 Ch.254 - Give Resha Back! Vol.30 Ch.253 - Race to the Future Vol.30 Ch.252 - A Changing World Vol.30 Ch.251 - Symphonia, 0015 Vol.30 Ch.250 - A Rift in Time Vol.30 Ch.249 - The Door to Elie...and the Truth Vol.30 Ch.248 - In The Promised Land Vol.30 Ch.247 - Return to Symphonia .... Vol.30 Ch.246 - Something to Hold Vol.30 Ch.245 - The real form of dark bring Vol.29 Ch.244 - How This World Began Vol.29 Ch.243 - The Sword Saint's Baton Vol.29 Ch.242 - Inside of Resha... Vol.29 Ch.241 - For Whose Sake? Vol.29 Ch.240 - The Weight of One's Sword Vol.29 Ch.239 - Between the Blades Vol.29 Ch.238 - The Sword Saint Resurrected Vol.29 Ch.237 - About the Second Rave Master Vol.29 Ch.236 - Voice of the Labyrinth Vol.28 Ch.235 - Mountain Trail! Haru's Decision! Vol.28 Ch.234 - The Last Rave Vol.28 Ch.233 - Between Days of Battle... Vol.28 Ch.232 - A Song of Life Vol.28 Ch.231 - Darkness Evolved Vol.28 Ch.230 - Heart Drop Vol.28 Ch.229 - Our Wills, Now Bound Together Vol.28 Ch.228 - Time to Counterattack Vol.28 Ch.227 - Accelerated Demise Vol.27 Ch.226 - Descent of the Demon Vol.27 Ch.225 - Sword of Hope Vol.27 Ch.224 - Beyond the Boundaries Vol.27 Ch.223 - Desperation Vol.27 Ch.222 - Souls Beyond Reach Vol.27 Ch.221 - Born Unto This World Vol.27 Ch.220 - The Things You Believed In Vol.27 Ch.219 - The Shield of Bonds Vol.27 Ch.218 - Towards A World With No Future Vol.26 Ch.217 - Reformation of Ambitions Vol.26 Ch.216 - The Price of Blasphemy Vol.26 Ch.215 - The Achieved Justice Vol.26 Ch.214 - The Future's Crossroads Vol.26 Ch.213 - Demon's Claw Vol.26 Ch.212 - Belnika's Tears Vol.26 Ch.211 - ANOTHER WORLD Vol.26 Ch.210 - HARDNER'S SCHEME Vol.25 Ch.209 - The Confusing memory Vol.25 Ch.208 - a Maze In the Skies Vol.25 Ch.207 - Break In The Stronghold of Evil Vol.25 Ch.206 - The Ultimate Stronghold Albatros Vol.25 Ch.205 - The Triangle of Fate !? Vol.25 Ch.204 - The Uncertain Future Vol.25 Ch.203 - Devil's Roar Vol.25 Ch.202 - Runaway Staff Vol.25 Ch.201 - As Human's Vol.24 Ch.200 - Magical Elie Vol.24 Ch.199 - Secret Of The Hideout Vol.24 Ch.198 - A Woman's Fighting Spirit Vol.24 Ch.197 - An "Awakening", Winning Chance? Vol.24 Ch.196 - Defense of the Gates Vol.24 Ch.195 - BG's Trap Vol.24 Ch.194 - The Free Warrior's Home Vol.24 Ch.193 - Rise of Determination Vol.24 Ch.192 - in the night skies above Vol.23 Ch.191 - invincible wrath Vol.23 Ch.190 - life or death? Vol.23 Ch.189 - the entrance to hell Vol.23 Ch.188 - branch's ambition Vol.23 Ch.187 - ribelya's spirit Vol.23 Ch.186 - the seed of wrath Vol.23 Ch.185 - julius's decision Vol.23 Ch.184 - the dance of miracles Vol.23 Ch.183 - dance of solitude Vol.22 Ch.182 - full attendance Vol.22 Ch.181 - time to dance Vol.22 Ch.180 - the wavering heart Vol.22 Ch.179 - step up contestants Vol.22 Ch.178 - beyond the smile Vol.22 Ch.177 - conclusion for time Vol.22 Ch.176 - surpassing infinite Vol.22 Ch.175 - the revolution of time Vol.22 Ch.174 - the infinite goal Vol.21 Ch.173 - betrayal of light Vol.21 Ch.172 - the winding truth Vol.21 Ch.171 - the betrayl of time Vol.21 Ch.170 - the monster's true identity Vol.21 Ch.169 - unknown pathway Vol.21 Ch.168 - the endless beginning (Fixed) Vol.21 Ch.167 - the fist of wrath Vol.21 Ch.166 - demons sacrifar Vol.21 Ch.165 - homicide's prelude Vol.20 Ch.164 - the demon's sword beserk Vol.20 Ch.163 - souls determined unto death Vol.20 Ch.162 - haru v.s lucia Vol.20 Ch.161 - life of a star Vol.20 Ch.160 - the voice of the star vestige Vol.20 Ch.159 - key to the world Vol.20 Ch.158 - a warrior's pledge Vol.20 Ch.157 - the forbiden power Vol.20 Ch.156 - fire and water Vol.19 Ch.155 - a matter of pride Vol.19 Ch.154 - guiding flame Vol.19 Ch.153 - fist of justice Vol.19 Ch.152 - hapless hero Vol.19 Ch.151 - an unjust world Vol.19 Ch.150 - irreplaceable heart Vol.19 Ch.149 - final battle Vol.19 Ch.148 - the appointed hour Vol.19 Ch.147 - let's resolve Vol.18 Ch.146 - fate of the dragon race Vol.18 Ch.145 - inspecting the horror Vol.18 Ch.144 - next stop the jiggle butt zone Vol.18 Ch.143 - are these guys stupid or what Vol.18 Ch.142 - project dr Vol.18 Ch.141 - will of silver Vol.18 Ch.140 - facing a new tomorrow Vol.18 Ch.139 - touching miracle Vol.18 Ch.138 - power of life Vol.17 Ch.137 - believe in rave Vol.17 Ch.136 - connect your heart Vol.17 Ch.135 - the light trump card Vol.17 Ch.134 - revived demons voice Vol.17 Ch.133 - torn apart dream Vol.17 Ch.132 - black heart Vol.17 Ch.131 - door to darkness Vol.17 Ch.130 - the bond of light Vol.16 Ch.129 - life once more Vol.16 Ch.128 - reina's heart Vol.16 Ch.127 - bonds of silver Vol.16 Ch.126 - the silver ray once more Vol.16 Ch.125 - the two silver claimers Vol.16 Ch.124 - change into cruelty Vol.16 Ch.123 - corrosion of darkness Vol.15 Ch.122 - the death of hope Vol.15 Ch.121 - spiral emblem Vol.15 Ch.120 - the path of darkness Vol.15 Ch.119 - a mermaid in love Vol.15 Ch.118 - thats mean poyo Vol.15 Ch.117 - because were friends Vol.15 Ch.116 - compensation for life Vol.15 Ch.115 - the marks of light and darkness Vol.14 Ch.114 - ultimate darkness Vol.14 Ch.113 - a choice between thorns Vol.14 Ch.112 - painful magic Vol.14 Ch.111 - returning sadness Vol.14 Ch.110 - the two demons Vol.14 Ch.109 - no one will die Vol.14 Ch.108 - uncertain dash Vol.14 Ch.107 - the future is in griff's hands Vol.14 Ch.106 - shaolan infiltration Vol.13 Ch.105 - the unjust demons Vol.13 Ch.104 - 1 gram of piece Vol.13 Ch.103 - dancing fairy sea Vol.13 Ch.102 - moving ambition Vol.13 Ch.101 - to the endless future Vol.13 Ch.100 - TIME TO SYNCHRONIZE Vol.13 Ch.099 - REBIRTH OF DARKNESS Vol.13 Ch.098 - to sazanberk Vol.12 Ch.097 - THE FUTURE IS ILLUMINATED BY ACAPELLA ISLAND Vol.12 Ch.096 - search for alice Vol.12 Ch.095 - twilight vow Vol.12 Ch.094 - memory door Vol.12 Ch.093 - dark ascension Vol.12 Ch.092 - key to the future Vol.12 Ch.091 - to the limits of chaos Vol.12 Ch.090 - sacrifice or awakening Vol.12 Ch.089 - pronouncement of execution Vol.11 Ch.088 - silver claimer reminiscence Vol.11 Ch.087 - silver ray Vol.11 Ch.086 - the truth about julia Vol.11 Ch.085 - the tragic dragoon race Vol.11 Ch.083 - predestined encounter & ch. 084 because we're friends Vol.11 Ch.082 - towards the vortex of chaos Vol.11 Ch.081 - sound of symphonia Vol.11 Ch.080 - foot steps of the devil Vol.10 Ch.079 - busting through Vol.10 Ch.078 - the coming of the storm Vol.10 Ch.077 - bad people Vol.10 Ch.076 - the darks oppressive regime Vol.10 Ch.075 - the side roads are full of danger Vol.10 Ch.074 - a brand new start Vol.10 Ch.000 - knights of kingdom part 1 & 2 Vol.09 Ch.073 - eternal bonds Vol.09 Ch.072 - as a dad Vol.09 Ch.071 - overflow Vol.09 Ch.070 - judge of time Vol.09 Ch.069 - evil runs reckless Vol.09 Ch.068 - the rave of combat Vol.09 Ch.067 - a reason to fight Vol.09 Ch.066 - at the edge of hate Vol.09 Ch.065 - a button in the wrong hole Vol.08 Ch.064 - kings ultimate goal Vol.08 Ch.063 - entrusted future Vol.08 Ch.062 - seeking the light Vol.08 Ch.061 - unyeilding faith Vol.08 Ch.060 - thoughts of tomorrow Vol.08 Ch.059 - infinte resolve Vol.08 Ch.058 - final countdown Vol.08 Ch.057 - a pair of kings Vol.07 Ch.056 - smoke signals for a bloody battle Vol.07 Ch.055 - the day time intersects Vol.07 Ch.054 - gale and gale Vol.07 Ch.053 - wandering bonds Vol.07 Ch.052 - stupid dad Vol.07 Ch.051 - steel determination Vol.07 Ch.050 - city in the holy forcefield Vol.07 Ch.049 - go for it, jiggly butt gang! Vol.07 Ch.048 - the longest day in musica's life Vol.06 Ch.047.1 - plue's commando diary Vol.06 Ch.047 - hold tight to the moment Vol.06 Ch.046 - the final risk Vol.06 Ch.045 - the trigger of destruction Vol.06 Ch.044 - for elie's sake Vol.06 Ch.043 - the knock of despair! Vol.06 Ch.042 - words of life Vol.06 Ch.041 - the sun in my heart Vol.06 Ch.040 - catastrophe?! Vol.05 Ch.039 - elie and resha Vol.05 Ch.038 - ripples of fate Vol.05 Ch.037 - imperfect future Vol.05 Ch.036 - an iron heart Vol.05 Ch.035 - sad skies Vol.05 Ch.034 - fierce pride Vol.05 Ch.033 - distant promise Vol.05 Ch.032 - Break these chains Vol.05 Ch.031 - Vow of the soul Vol.04 Ch.030 - the truth about rave Vol.04 Ch.029 - Open Sesame Vol.04 Ch.028 - Chamelon Panic Vol.04 Ch.027 - fade to black Vol.04 Ch.026 - Viva La Labyrinth Vol.04 Ch.025 - Gentle Sunlight Vol.04 Ch.024 - Last Scene Vol.04 Ch.023 - boppin with ellie Vol.04 Ch.022 - Haru gets down Vol.03 Ch.021 - GRAY CLOUDS OVER MY HEART Vol.03 Ch.020 - THE COLDEST RAIN Vol.03 Ch.019 - OUT OF THE PLUE Vol.03 Ch.018 - GOOD MORNING SUNSHINE Vol.03 Ch.017 - Sweet Dreams and Bitter Kisses Vol.03 Ch.016 - FEEL THE BURN Vol.03 Ch.015 - SHOT TO THE HEART Vol.03 Ch.014 - APPROACHING DARKNESS Vol.02 Ch.013 - the bridge of promises Vol.02 Ch.012 - THE INHERITENCE Vol.02 Ch.011 - FROM THE BROKEN DOOR Vol.02 Ch.010 - WANDERING FALLEN ANGEL Vol.02 Ch.009 - THE LEGENDARY BLACKSMITH Vol.02 Ch.008 - THE MAGIC OF A SMILE Vol.02 Ch.007 - REVENGE AS A TRIO Vol.02 Ch.006 - DEAD OR ALIVE Vol.02 Ch.005 - TRAVEL TROUBLE Vol.01 Ch.004 - STAIRWAY TO THE UNKNOWN Vol.01 Ch.003 - RED SIGNAL Vol.01 Ch.002 - GUIDING BELL Vol.01 Ch.001 - opened map
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