Saotome Girl, Hitakakusu
Saotome Girl, Hitakakusu

Saotome Girl, Hitakakusu


Last Update: Nov 14,2019

Tag: Comedy Romance School Life Seinen Sports
Author:MIZUGUCHI Naoki

High-Schooler Tsukishima Satoru gets confessed to by local female High-School boxing-talent Saotome Yae. He rejects her initially because he does not want to impede her boxing career (and prevent gett...more

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Vol (125) Order
Vol.06 Ch.124.5 - Volume 10 Extras Vol.06 Ch.124 - Saotome Senshu, Yes Vol.06 Ch.123 Vol.06 Ch.122 - Saotome Senshu, Propose Vol.06 Ch.121 Vol.06 Ch.120 Vol.06 Ch.119 Vol.06 Ch.118 Vol.06 Ch.117 Vol.06 Ch.116 Vol.06 Ch.115 Vol.06 Ch.114 - Saotome Senshu, Takoyaki Vol.06 Ch.113 Vol.06 Ch.112 Vol.06 Ch.111 Vol.06 Ch.110 Vol.06 Ch.109 - Saotome Senshu, Stay Away Vol.06 Ch.108 Vol.06 Ch.107 Vol.06 Ch.106 Vol.06 Ch.105 - Saotome Senshu, Taking A Picture Vol.06 Ch.104 Vol.06 Ch.103 Vol.06 Ch.102 - Saotome Senshu, Youth Vol.06 Ch.101 - Saotome Senshu, Happy New Year Vol.06 Ch.100 Vol.06 Ch.099 Vol.06 Ch.098 - Saotome Senshu, From Now On Vol.06 Ch.097 - Saotome Senshu, Confrontation Vol.06 Ch.096 Vol.06 Ch.095 Vol.06 Ch.094 - Saotome Senshu, Christmas Vol.06 Ch.093 - Saotome Senshu, Flying Vol.06 Ch.092 Vol.06 Ch.091 - Saotome Senshu, Knock Out Vol.06 Ch.090 - Saotome Senshu, Annoyed Vol.06 Ch.089 Vol.06 Ch.088 Vol.06 Ch.087 Vol.06 Ch.086 Vol.06 Ch.085 Vol.06 Ch.084 - Saotome Senshu, Let's Eat Vol.06 Ch.083 Vol.06 Ch.082 - Saotome Senshu, Concluding Vol.06 Ch.081 Vol.06 Ch.080 Vol.06 Ch.079 Vol.06 Ch.078 Vol.06 Ch.077 Vol.06 Ch.076 Vol.06 Ch.075 - Saotome Senshu, Nice Vol.06 Ch.074 - Saotome Senshu, Riveted Vol.06 Ch.073 Vol.06 Ch.072 Vol.06 Ch.071 Vol.06 Ch.070 Vol.06 Ch.069 Vol.06 Ch.068 Vol.06 Ch.067 Vol.06 Ch.066 Vol.06 Ch.065 Vol.06 Ch.064 - Saotome Senshu, Dodging Vol.06 Ch.063 Vol.06 Ch.062 Vol.06 Ch.061 Vol.06 Ch.060 Vol.06 Ch.059 Vol.06 Ch.058 - Saotome Senshu, Mysterious Vol.06 Ch.057 - Saotome-Senshu, Suplex Vol.06 Ch.056 - Saotome-Senshu, Don't Wander Vol.01 Ch.055 - Saotome Senshu, Three Points Vol.01 Ch.054 - Saotome-Senshu, Ghost Vol.01 Ch.053 - Saotome-Senshu, Carrying Vol.01 Ch.052 - Saotome-Senshu, Melos Vol.01 Ch.051 - Saotome-Senshu, Brother and Sister Vol.01 Ch.050 - Saotome-Senshu, Working Vol.01 Ch.049 - Saotome-Senshu, Cosplay Vol.01 Ch.048 - Saotome-Senshu, Toughness Vol.01 Ch.047 - Saotome-Senshu, Appearing Vol.01 Ch.046 - Saotome-Senshu, Pushing Down Vol.01 Ch.045 - Saotome-Senshu, Hoping For A Summer Mistake Vol.01 Ch.044 - Saotome-Senshu, Unites Vol.01 Ch.043 - Saotome-Senshu, ? Vol.01 Ch.042 - Saotome-Senshu, Cllimax Vol.01 Ch.041 - Saotome-Senshu, Heated Vol.01 Ch.040 - Saotome-Senshu, Clashes Vol.01 Ch.039 - Saotome-Senshu, Mix Vol.01 Ch.038 - Saotome-Senshu, Screaming Vol.01 Ch.037 - Saotome-Senshu, Suspenseful Attack Vol.01 Ch.036 - Saotome-Senshu, Inspires Vol.01 Ch.035 - Saotome-Senshu, Feelings at Odds Vol.01 Ch.034 - Saotome-Senshu, Face to Face Vol.01 Ch.033 - Saotome-Senshu, Complicated Feeling Vol.01 Ch.032 - Saotome-Senshu, Burning Spirit Vol.01 Ch.031 - Saotome-Senshu, Joining the Club Vol.01 Ch.030 - Saotome-Senshu, SOS Vol.01 Ch.029 - Saotome-Senshu, Crossing Through Vol.01 Ch.028 - Saotome-Senshu, Test of Courage Vol.01 Ch.027 - Saotome-Senshu, Coming Forward Vol.01 Ch.026 - Saotome-Senshu, Gets Offended Vol.01 Ch.025 - Saotome-Senshu, Brewing Vol.01 Ch.024 - Saotome-Senshu, Ice Cream Vol.01 Ch.023 - Saotome-Senshu, Having A Long Talk Vol.01 Ch.021 - Saotome-Senshu, Escaping Vol.01 Ch.020 - Saotome-Senshu, Holding Out Vol.01 Ch.019 - Saotome-Senshu, Behind the Foggy Glass Vol.01 Ch.018 - Saotome-Senshu, Complete Defeat Vol.01 Ch.017 - Saotome-Senshu, On Alert Vol.01 Ch.016 - Saotome-Senshu, Going on Defense Vol.01 Ch.015 - Saotome-Senshu, Feeling Embarrassed Vol.01 Ch.014 - Saotome-Senshu, Concentrating Vol.01 Ch.013 - Saotome-Senshu, Exhausting Vol.01 Ch.012 - Saotome Senshu Trying On Clothes Vol.01 Ch.011 - Saotome-Senshu, Paying Attention Vol.01 Ch.010 - Saotome-Senshu, Completely Silent? Vol.01 Ch.009.5 - Saotome-Senshu Takes A Leap Vol.01 Ch.009 - Saotome-Senshu, Tasting Food Vol.01 Ch.008 - Saotome-Senshu Hesitates Vol.01 Ch.007 - Saotome-Senshu, Turnabout Vol.01 Ch.006 - Saotome-Senshu, Aggravates Vol.01 Ch.005 - Saotome-Senshu, Lights Out Vol.01 Ch.004 - Saotome-Senshu Runs Laps Vol.01 Ch.003 - Saotome-Senshu Takes The Stage Vol.01 Ch.002 - Saotome-Senshu, Stealth Vol.01 Ch.001 - Saotome-senshu Confesses
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