To Aru Majutsu no Index
To Aru Majutsu no Index

To Aru Majutsu no Index


Last Update: Dec 21,2018

Tag: Action Comedy Romance Supernatural Shounen Sci-fi Harem
Author:KAMACHI Kazuma

The story is set in a world where supernatural powers exist through science, and magic exists through religion. In the story, Tōma Kamijō is an ordinary high school boy with terrible academic sco...more

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Vol (101) Order
Vol.22 Ch.134 Vol.22 Ch.133 Vol.22 Ch.132 Vol.21 Ch.131 Vol.21 Ch.130 Vol.21 Ch.129 Vol.21 Ch.128 Vol.21 Ch.127 Vol.21 Ch.126 Vol.21 Ch.125 Vol.21 Ch.124 Vol.21 Ch.123 Vol.15 Ch.089 Vol.15 Ch.088 Vol.15 Ch.087 Vol.15 Ch.086 Vol.14 Ch.085 Vol.14 Ch.084 Vol.14 Ch.083 Vol.14 Ch.082 Vol.14 Ch.081 Vol.14 Ch.080 Vol.14 Ch.079 Vol.14 Ch.078 Vol.13 Ch.077 Vol.13 Ch.076 Vol.13 Ch.075 - Lunch Break Vol.13 Ch.074 - Transaction Vol.13 Ch.073 - Shorthand 4 Vol.13 Ch.072 - Shorthand 3 Vol.13 Ch.071 - Shorthand 2 Vol.12 Ch.070 - Shorthand Vol.12 Ch.069 Vol.12 Ch.068 - The Second Event Vol.11 Ch.067 Vol.11 Ch.066 - Daihaseisai ? Opening Vol.10 Ch.065 Vol.10 Ch.064 - Promise Vol.10 Ch.063 Vol.10 Ch.062 Vol.10 Ch.061 - August 21st Vol.10 Ch.060 Vol.10 Ch.059 Vol.10 Ch.058 Vol.10 Ch.057 Vol.10 Ch.056 Vol.10 Ch.055 Vol.10 Ch.054 Vol.10 Ch.053 Vol.10 Ch.052 Vol.10 Ch.051 Vol.06 Ch.050 Vol.06 Ch.049 Vol.06 Ch.048 - Miniaturized Pilgrimage Vol.06 Ch.047 Vol.06 Ch.046 Vol.06 Ch.045 Vol.06 Ch.044 Vol.06 Ch.043 Vol.06 Ch.042 - City of Shimmers Vol.06 Ch.041 Vol.06 Ch.040 Vol.06 Ch.039 Vol.06 Ch.038 Vol.06 Ch.037 Vol.06 Ch.036 - Golem (Fixed) Vol.06 Ch.035 - Transfer Student Vol.06 Ch.034 - Imaginary District Number, Five Elements Institution Vol.06 Ch.033 - Welcome to Tomorrow Vol.06 Ch.032 - Virus Activation Vol.06 Ch.031 - The Two Researchers, Part 2 Vol.06 Ch.030 - The Two Researchers, Part 1 Vol.06 Ch.029 - Past of the "Strongest" Vol.06 Ch.028 - Communication Vol.06 Ch.027 - August 31, Part 2 Vol.05 Ch.026 - Yamisaka Ouma (Second Half) Vol.05 Ch.025 - Yamisaka Ouma (First Half) Vol.05 Ch.024 - Imposter Vol.05 Ch.023 - A "Fake" Date Vol.05 Ch.022 - August 31st, Part 1 Vol.04 Ch.021 - Epilogue Vol.04 Ch.020 - Weakest vs. Strongest, Part 3 Vol.04 Ch.019 - Weakest vs. Strongest, Part 2 Vol.04 Ch.018 - Weakest vs. Strongest, Part 1 Vol.04 Ch.017 - Experiment No. 10032 Vol.03 Ch.016 - Report, Part 2 Vol.03 Ch.015 - Report, Part 1 Vol.03 Ch.014 - Sisters Vol.03 Ch.013 - Strongest Power User Vol.03 Ch.012 - Younger Sister Vol.03 Ch.011 - Mikoto Misaka Vol.02 Ch.010 - The End of the Girl of the Index of Prohibited Books Vol.02 Ch.009 - "Necklace" Vol.02 Ch.008 - Limit Vol.02 Ch.007 - Index of Necessarius Vol.02 Ch.006 - Shadow Under the Moon Vol.01 Ch.005 - End of Cancer, Pointing to the Western Direction Vol.01 Ch.004 - Reflection of the Moon Vol.01 Ch.003 - The Magician Vol.01 Ch.002 - The Girl Who's Called Index Vol.01 Ch.001 - Imagine Breaker Boy
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