Witch Hunter
Witch Hunter

Witch Hunter


Last Update: Jul 20,2020

Tag: Action Adventure Comedy Fantasy Romance Drama Shounen Psychological
Author:CHO Jung-man

Witches suddenly declare war against humans, causing two-thirds of the world to fall apart. They summon monsters called “Supporters“ and devastate human residences... but why? Survivors gather pe...more

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Vol (219) Order
Vol.12 Ch.219 Vol.12 Ch.218 Vol.12 Ch.217 Vol.12 Ch.216 Vol.12 Ch.215 Vol.12 Ch.214 Vol.12 Ch.213 Vol.12 Ch.212 Vol.12 Ch.211 Vol.12 Ch.210 - Manners Vol.12 Ch.209 Vol.12 Ch.208 Vol.12 Ch.207 Vol.12 Ch.206 Vol.12 Ch.205 Vol.12 Ch.204 Vol.12 Ch.203 Vol.12 Ch.202 Vol.12 Ch.201 - Problem Outbreak Vol.12 Ch.200 Vol.12 Ch.199 Vol.12 Ch.198 Vol.12 Ch.197 Vol.12 Ch.196 Vol.12 Ch.195 Vol.12 Ch.194 - Arrival Vol.12 Ch.193 Vol.12 Ch.192 Vol.12 Ch.191 Vol.12 Ch.190 Vol.12 Ch.189 Vol.12 Ch.188 Vol.12 Ch.187 Vol.12 Ch.186 Vol.12 Ch.185 Vol.12 Ch.184 Vol.12 Ch.183 Vol.12 Ch.182 Vol.12 Ch.181 Vol.12 Ch.180 Vol.12 Ch.179 Vol.12 Ch.178 Vol.12 Ch.177 Vol.12 Ch.176 Vol.12 Ch.175 Vol.12 Ch.174 Vol.12 Ch.173 Vol.12 Ch.172 Vol.12 Ch.171 Vol.12 Ch.170 Vol.12 Ch.169 Vol.12 Ch.168 Vol.12 Ch.167 Vol.12 Ch.166 Vol.12 Ch.165 Vol.12 Ch.164 Vol.12 Ch.163 Vol.12 Ch.162 Vol.12 Ch.161 Vol.12 Ch.160 Vol.12 Ch.159 Vol.12 Ch.158 Vol.12 Ch.157 Vol.12 Ch.156 Vol.12 Ch.155 Vol.12 Ch.154 Vol.12 Ch.153 Vol.12 Ch.152 Vol.12 Ch.151 Vol.12 Ch.150 - Edea Florence Vol.12 Ch.149 Vol.12 Ch.148 Vol.12 Ch.147 Vol.12 Ch.146 Vol.12 Ch.145 Vol.12 Ch.144 Vol.12 Ch.143 Vol.12 Ch.142 Vol.12 Ch.141 Vol.12 Ch.140 Vol.12 Ch.139 Vol.12 Ch.138 Vol.12 Ch.137 Vol.12 Ch.136 - The Way to Find A Cure Vol.12 Ch.135 Vol.12 Ch.134 Vol.12 Ch.133 Vol.12 Ch.132 Vol.12 Ch.131 Vol.12 Ch.130 Vol.12 Ch.129 Vol.12 Ch.128 Vol.12 Ch.127 Vol.12 Ch.126 - Recovery Spell Vol.12 Ch.125 Vol.12 Ch.124 Vol.12 Ch.123.5 Vol.12 Ch.123.2 - Growth's Category Vol.12 Ch.123.1 - Duel Once More Vol.12 Ch.123 Vol.12 Ch.122 Vol.12 Ch.121 Vol.12 Ch.120 Vol.12 Ch.119 Vol.12 Ch.111 - Secret Between the Two of Us Vol.12 Ch.110 - Validated Contract Vol.12 Ch.109 - Fixed Vol.12 Ch.108 - Etwal Vol.12 Ch.107 - Underestimation Vol.12 Ch.106 - Underestimate Vol.12 Ch.105 - Former Incarnation Vol.12 Ch.104 - West Vol.12 Ch.103 Vol.12 Ch.102 - Recovery Spell Vol.12 Ch.101 - Level Up Vol.12 Ch.100 - True Body Discovered Vol.12 Ch.099 - fixed Vol.12 Ch.098 Vol.12 Ch.097 - Villain Vol.12 Ch.096 Vol.12 Ch.095 Vol.12 Ch.094 - Fixed Vol.12 Ch.093 - The Girl in My Memories Vol.12 Ch.092 - Developed Feelings (fixed) Vol.12 Ch.091 - Suppporter's Bad Side Vol.12 Ch.090 - Here Smile Vol.12 Ch.089 Vol.12 Ch.088 - Tag Gun Battle 2 Vol.12 Ch.087 - Tag Gun Battle Vol.12 Ch.086 Vol.12 Ch.085 - Hard Training Vol.12 Ch.084 - North's Plan Vol.12 Ch.083 Vol.12 Ch.082 - Ryuhwan's Wonderland Vol.12 Ch.081 Vol.12 Ch.080 - For the Kingdom (Fixed) Vol.12 Ch.079 - Responsibility and Strategy Vol.12 Ch.078 - Interferes Vol.12 Ch.077 - Britain's Night Vol.12 Ch.076 - The Strongest A Class Vol.12 Ch.075 - Tasha vs Warz Vol.12 Ch.074 - Escape Vol.12 Ch.073 Vol.12 Ch.072 - In Xings Name Vol.12 Ch.071 - Farewell Brothers Vol.12 Ch.070 - Supporter Lee Vol.12 Ch.069 - Animosity and Resolution Vol.12 Ch.068 - The White Dragons Fang (Fixed) Vol.12 Ch.067 - Mask Vol.12 Ch.066 - And It Begins Vol.12 Ch.065 - The Truth Vol.12 Ch.064 - Collapse Vol.12 Ch.063 - Truth Vol.12 Ch.062 - 2 Years Vol.12 Ch.061 - Assassin's Tears Vol.12 Ch.060 - Read Online Vol.12 Ch.059 - The Time to End Vol.12 Ch.053.2 Vol.12 Ch.053.1 Vol.12 Ch.052.5 Vol.11 Ch.058 - Deathmatch Between Brothers Vol.11 Ch.057 - Earth's Blessing Vol.11 Ch.056 - Another Visul Vol.11 Ch.055 - Puppetteer of WHs Vol.11 Ch.054 - Favor and Repayment Vol.11 Ch.053.2 - Kaizer Fist Vol.11 Ch.053.1 - Kaizer Fist Vol.10 Ch.052 - The King who vanished and the King who stayed Vol.10 Ch.051 - Severance of Contract Vol.10 Ch.050 - One's Desire Vol.10 Ch.049 - Return Vol.10 Ch.048 - Complete Dominance Vol.10 Ch.047 - Mistaken Truth Vol.09 Ch.046 - Tania Doberg Vol.09 Ch.045 - Egg of the Beginning Vol.09 Ch.044 - Choice Vol.09 Ch.043 - Sealed Memory Vol.09 Ch.042 - Important Person Vol.09 Ch.041 - Mana Supply Vol.09 Ch.040 - Power Difference Vol.09 Ch.039 - Dignity Vol.08 Ch.038 - Ambush of the Witches Vol.08 Ch.037 - Knights of the Round Table Vol.08 Ch.036 - Sorella Vol.08 Ch.035 - The 8th Rank Warrior God Vol.08 Ch.034 - Compatible Mana Vol.08 Ch.033 - Condition Vol.08 Ch.032 - Let it Snow Vol.07 Ch.031 - Song of Moirae Vol.07 Ch.030 - Endless Roses Vol.07 Ch.029 - Things I didn't know Vol.07 Ch.028 - Reunion Vol.07 Ch.027 - Traitor Vol.07 Ch.026 - The Right To Fight Vol.07 Ch.025 - Naraka Vol.06 Ch.024 - Human's Intelligence Vol.06 Ch.023 - White Class Vol.06 Ch.022 - The Key Vol.06 Ch.021 - Dispatch Vol.05 Ch.020 - What it Means to Become a King Vol.05 Ch.019 - Assassination Vol.05 Ch.018 - Sun, Moon and Star Vol.05 Ch.017 - The Witch Who Doesn't Exist Vol.04 Ch.016 - Contract of Destruction Vol.04 Ch.015 - Time Over Vol.04 Ch.014 - Dimensional Gallery Vol.04 Ch.013 - Power and Speed Vol.03 Ch.012 - Seal Vol.03 Ch.011 - The Secret Garden Vol.03 Ch.010 - Evidence Vol.03 Ch.009 - Station Vol.02 Ch.008 - Supporter of Commoners Vol.02 Ch.007 - The Second Witch Vol.02 Ch.006 - Swift Fist Vol.02 Ch.005 - The Red Thread Vol.01 Ch.004 - Shadow of the Abyss Vol.01 Ch.003 - Witch Hunt Vol.01 Ch.002 - Help Vol.01 Ch.001 - Self-Deceived Witch
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